Microsoft formal agreement to partner with SwiftERM

May 2020, London and New York. SwiftERM is delighted to announce its formal agreement to partner with Microsoft.  SwiftERM (MPN ID. 6197468) is an ecommerce software solution, offering fully automatic email marketing software that runs alongside any promotion email solution. It was announced today that it has partnered with Microsoft Corp, one of the leading enterprise cloud infrastructure providers. As a Microsoft Partner, SwiftERM data analysis will have access to an expanded set of capabilities to provide state-of-the-art business analytics to clients across all ecommerce verticals.

SwiftERM data solution has a wealth of experience working with Enterprise and Community clients to drive actionable, measurable outcomes across the predictive analytics email sector, from strategy to implementation. This partnership will provide a strategic advantage to SwiftERM clients by enabling the development using the Azure platform in ever more important functionality at machine speed and scale.

“We are thrilled to become a Microsoft Partner,” said David Swift co-founder and CEO. “Microsoft’s Azure cloud enables us to deliver tailored, state-of-the-art analytics solutions in an enterprise-grade computing environment that meets our clients’ needs and requirements.”

Many enterprise businesses today recognize the potential of AI technologies to create significant value by enhancing their go-to-market strategy but struggle with the email additional revenue generation aspect. Building on decades of experience, SwiftERM supports the needs of these businesses and helps them generate much needed additional revenue from the existing customers in an otherwise missed opportunity.

About SwiftERM

SwiftERM is both a London and New York-based business and technology software solution firm. We focus on developing a unique email algorithm that helps ecommerce retail clients leverage additional revenue from their consumer data to improve their value, returns, and loyalty. Our professional solution brings a deep appreciation of the vagaries of consumer’s whims, fancies, needs and desires.  We offer technology to support our clients in a critical way to achieve ever greater ROI in a means designed to complement their uniqueness in the market.

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