Building partnerships that benefit our customers - SwiftERM

Building partnerships that benefit our customers is fundemental to our ethos. The perpetual clamour for ever more sophisticated technology and solutions for ecommerce also drives the need for greater collaboration and omni-channel provision. We perpetually strive to achieve the highest returns for our clients, and so we work with the brightest and best digital companies. If you feel your product would enhance this service , come and talk to us today.

Empowering our ecommerce clients with complementing services

Primary Motivation – Our Client’s Success

Our benchmark is the ecommerce success we deliver .

Building partnerships that benefit our customers is fundamental to our ethos. We endeabour to perpetually strive to deliver the greatest possible returns for our clients. We delivered an average of 10.26% uplift in online sales for our clients last year, supported and enhanced by multi-facetted strategies from excellent partners.

100% automated

No segmenting data, no potential for human error. Release precious time resources.

SwiftERM being fully automatic ensures the retailer can either release precious time, avoid having to incur it or run swiftERM in tandem with existing marketing software, without the burden of further overheads. No staff overheads, no missed opportunities, no errors.

Community and Enterprise Retailers

SwiftERM ideal regardless of the size of business.

Big or small, volume scaleability is built-in whatever the size of your business. We use load balancing for higher volumes retailers. No configuration required.

Exhibitions and Events

We work with our partners to help our clients succeed.

We support our partners, attending exhibitions and organising events with you, for greater understanding and appreciation of us as a resource, adding significant weight to your portfolio.

Become a Partner – a bastion of excellence

Our partners are integral to the future success of our clients.

We work with you to enrich our clients returns, whatever facility you deliver must compliment and enhance the overall strategy and existing arrangements appropriate to each particular client.

Training Workshops

It matters to us that we support our partners, every step of the way.

We work with our partners, delivering workshops around the world, both for your clients and your staff, explaining, reassuring and supporting you.

Prompt us – for new platforms

We are one team working together.

We look to perpetually development our system and appreciate it needs to be able to run on more and more platforms. We already cater for 67.7% of global demand currently, but don’t be afraid to ask us for new ones.

Technical integration – management

Trust us with your client’s integration.

Even the biggest retailers sometimes need help. Simply adding us to the account access for the period of integration has been a common occurrence and a responsibility we willingly accept. Let us take the worry about getting your clients installed.

Developing your business

We’ll help you grow your business too.

We work with our partners for their benefit too. Refer your clients to us with confidence that our professional quality care system is a reflection of the efforts you deliver to your customers. As they enjoy the returns so too will you enjoy the accolades.

Consider joining – An overview

Interested in becoming an partner and need to know more?

The SwiftERM partner programme is free to join, but selective to complementing facilities and services. Preference will always be given to those who reciprocate. The goal is the mutual benefit of our clients.

Building partnerships that benefit our customers
Building partnerships that benefit our customers
Building partnerships that benefit our customers
Building partnerships that benefit our customers
Magento Technology Partner
Building partnerships that benefit our customers
Building partnerships that benefit our customers
Adobe Solution Partner
Partners – that reflect the necessary care for our clients
Building partnerships that benefit our customers
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