Email Marketing Driving Highest ROI

The DMA National Email Client Survey 2015 summary: Email Marketing Driving Highest ROI

The DMA’s latest research using DBA data shows how email marketing is progressing as respondents expressed an increase in ROI as they are becoming more advanced with their email marketing techniques, through using behavioural and lifestyle triggers, showing email marketing is driving ROI. According to the UK DMA Executive Director Chris Combermale, 

‘Email is the oldest digital medium still in use, growing out of the early internet. Even now, an email address is one of those things that helps define you in the digital world. It has endured because it is so useful. It also works. ROI figures alone show this, rising from £24.93 last year to £38 this year. Email is resurgent.’

Their Infographic shares some of the key findings from their report and explains how Email Marketers top 3 goals are focused on Engagement, Sales and Acquisition.

National Client email 2015