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Do we have a problem that we didn’t appreciate? Could it be that when being innovative, delivering one solution we thought we were adding value offering others too? Have we have blinded people into scepticism?

SwiftERM set out to solve a problem. How best to use email, the acknowledged leader of marketing ROI, to generate the maximum amount of income for ecommerce retailers. It was specifically devised for those without the time or upfront money to do it. But nowadays we spend all our time battling against the negativity generated by the rallying cries from companies on whose toes we stand.

We acknowledge that Email Service Providers (ESPs) want you to subscribe to their systems, it’s their livelihood. They want you to accept that their respective software can analyse people into segments better than any other, and in so doing enable you to use the design facility in their software to maximise the return from that endeavour. Each of course purport to have: the easiest to use, or best automation, or most comprehensive analytics etc. In fairness, some of them make very exceptional emails. Of course we don’t know how well they work, as pretty isn’t indicative of results. But their marketing is superb, even if their automation is restricted to individual elements within it.

But just hang on a second, consider all the implications of that. The biggest and best ESPs don’t come cheap, there are a couple that cost as much as $40k a year. They still need quality photography, usually provided by your suppliers, as any design looks poor without it; you can then use them to make very appealing styles and layouts. This is providing you know what you’re doing, usually having employed sophisticated people, and the cost that implies. It’s often the quality of visual content that influences the consumer as much as price, and the sadly abandoned position of art-director or indeed copywriter these days seem to be the exclusive preserve of the biggest and brightest firms out there, cost being prohibitive.

So dictated, usually at board level, your system is chosen. Staff appointed, trained and nurtured, to better capture and analyse data, to achieve the greatest likelihood to purchase a selection of products, to which an incentive can be attached and metrics set. Statistics checked, segment verified, lay-out style prepared, timing organised and despatch met. How many a week do you send? How much has all that cost you, and you haven’t made any return yet?

SwiftERM cut out all of this. It adopted a granular machine learning algorithm that best calculates which products each individual consumer is most likely to buy next. No lumping people together because it suits a promotion. The effect was staggering, as independently verified by Experian, it illustrated a 6x greater return. It also cut out the time to do the analytics. There is no higher return possible that personalised selection of products, further improved by live-time appreciation of wants and desires dictated by purchase history and impressions that individual is making that day. This is why it delivered an average 10.26% uplift in online turnover across all our clients in 2016. But even in explaining this distinction we have a problem; this solution doesn’t just do one things. People like pigeon-holing systems, and that’s why we cause an irritation, square peg etc.

But that’s just the start of the problem. Our solution then takes the products selected for each customer on that particular day, populates a stylesheet with them, in order of what they most likely to buy, top down, and sends it. It’s an email pick, pack and send solution on it’s own. No one has to prepare it, no one has to check it, in fact no staff are needed for it at all, and it is verified to deliver better results than all the standard systems available out there. Finance director’s take note.

But then we trip ourselves up even more. We couldn’t just leave it at that. No we had to go and muddy the waters even more. We went and got ourselves integrated with Trustpilot. It became the only system in the world that can include customers ratings of each product selected for outbound email to individual consumers. It also triggers on abandon, adding a further complication recapturing as much as 60% of those who, for whatever reason, walked away just when you needed them most.

SwiftERM continues to grow day by day and in addition to our many community retailers, we have begun to serve the biggest and brightest retailers in Europe and the US. We hope to chat to you someday. For more details have a look at our website at, or call us for more details, a free trial and viability assurance.

We are always interested to hear feed back, so please feel free to comment.