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Dire consequences await the blindsided, and it’s easy to be complacent during the good times, but preparing for those rainy days, or better still, knowing how to instigate a recovery when the dark clouds gather is a godsend. That day has arrived for many retailers. One of the saddest things we all experience in life is the loss of a loved one. It’s the same with familiar shops, as our childhood memories of walking around them with granddad or mum are usually met with a smile of fond memories of happy days, never to return when we hear they’re not there anymore. There is a long list of companies that have gone to the wall in the last few years (see here), that makes sad reading. We all feel an unusual warmth, and the depth and degree of that emotion are the profits that will never be secured.

Don’t get blindsided

It will come as no surprise to those who have lived through previous recessions, from the chaos of this crisis will come two distinct groups: the winners and losers. Those that come out stronger, leaner, market-ready, keen to build, achieve and succeed. Then there will be those that are desperately trying to survive, hanging-on-in-there, but for the grace of others – nervous shareholders usually. The two groups are documented in many places recently, including Sanlam, Argus and Forbes. A sad indictment is that many will go to the wall but for the egos of those who think themselves infallible and those who wrongly identify the group they belong in, often they lacked the wit to appreciate the creditors banging on the door suggest otherwise.

Seize all the opportunities available – carpe diem

Being proactive then is a trait of the professional and intuitive. SwiftERM launched an assistance program to help save ecommerce business at the beginning of the outbreak (details here). We were sick of the avaricious, leeching on people who needed real help, as those hell-bent on trying to maintain a pre-crisis sales target think themselves wonderful making pathetic offers like 10% off! Retailers were haemorrhaging money and needed real help. We stood tall, to us FREE meant FREE. No contract to tie you in, no set-up fee, no charge whatsoever, simply our multi-million investment in automatic email marketing software, offered to all those in greatest need. And thanks to all those who, in appreciation of our efforts, wrote and expressed their gratitude. This offer still stands and we are happy to extend it for anyone who needs it.

As we now move forward, we are aiming to help deliver an average of over 10% to our users turnover which, but for disbelief, can be achieved from your existing consumers. SwiftERM runs alongside promotional and marketing ESPs (Emarsys, Bronto, Dotdigital, Mailchimp etc) hence some partner us. There is a huge distinction between products which the retailer can tempt and cajole consumers to be interested in, and products which by their own actions illustrate a higher than normal propensity to buy. An enormous effort is usually put into securing sales through huge marketing departments which is to be applauded, as real effort rarely brings little reward.

SwiftERM runs without human interface whatsoever, no one touches it, so it has zero staff overheads. It watches every nuance the consumer’s impressions suggest, to build a picture of that individual from which you can be rewarded with additional sales, as it selects products on an individual consumer basis from your platform, it has calculated they will buy, populates an email for that person and sends it. Just one or two a month one at a time, no mass mailing. No segmenting as what one person likes another hates, more details on this distinction is available here.

The sceptical doubters will by now be quoting Mandy Rice-Davis, “Well he would say that wouldn’t he“, but the statistics speak for themselves. Hence the reason we publish a variety of them here. You can’t argue with empirical proof. Whether a small company or large, there are few arguments which stack up against something that delivers what it says it can, instantly. In fairness, there is an argument for developing your own software, which we respect. But there is no “white label’ SwiftERM option. You can only enjoy the benefits of our investment in predictive analytics by using SwiftERM. If you did start down the route of developing your own software you have to appreciate what is involved in the necessary algorithm if you have a few spare million lying around, as well as the luxury of being able to afford the time and opportunity to do so.

David Swift CEO and Founder of SwiftERM had the pleasure of serving some of the country’s most respected retailers Liberty of London, The White Company, Fatface, Next to name but a few, and because of this was able to circumvent the need for A-B testing email stylesheet designs. He had already seen first-hand the solution, these companies that spent millions to achieve. Full details here. So instead of reinventing the wheel you could simply install it and start the revenue stream immediately. The process is detailed here.

To return to the theme of this article, we are desperately trying to avoid seeing anyone go to the wall. We are here to try and help today. We offer everyone a month’s free trial of the software, so you don’t have to believe us. It will return additional profits, we know, we have seen the proof. We have designed the system to be a click-and-play one. So all you have to do is 1. Register with us, here. 2. Allow the system to populate from your platform – which takes two or three days depending on the size of your company, 3. Tell us a time you want us to set it live 4. Sit back and enjoy the results for the month as they come in, and decide if you want to stay – no catch, no contract to tie you in, just profit. Don’t believe yourself immune these companies had top talent, so take the trial, see the profits – make a positive decision.


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