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Why predictive analytics is a lazy man’s way to riches If you’re a humble down-trodden retailer why not search for an easier way; who says that in order to succeed you have to flog yourself to death?

There are plenty of reports (Wishdesk, Business2, Outbound Engine) corroborating that servicing existing clients is 6 times more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through email marketing (Fourth Source), and the best of these uses data you already know about your existing customers. Experian did a report in 2014 verifying that what SwiftERM does delivers a 6-fold increase in transaction rate and 51% increase in click-through rate. It is the only email software “in the world” that is 100% automatic, using a predictive analytics algorithm to anticipate imminent individual consumer purchases, and so complements email marketing software for promotions and incentives, by being able to solely concentrate in what people like and when. It does not replace ESP software, you use it as well as. It averages an additional 10.6% attributed sales to a typical ecommerce turnover.  So now when you go and lay on that beach, the profits continue to roll in!

SwiftERM is a state of the art software, devised by people experienced in retail ecommerce sales, as opposed to software engineers straight out of university with little on no appreciation of the nuances and subtleties involved in retail interaction. It obliterates the need to use dated classroom taught strategies founded on dated attitudes like segmentation, reach, frequency and monetary value; and the necessary slicing and dicing they require. SwiftERM leaves nothing for the retailer to do, it does it all 100% automatically. No human input is required and indeed able. Julian Leaver CEO of Fatface is quoted as asking “If I could find something that knows my customers as well as me I would use it”. So that’s what we built.

The crux of the solution is data extrapolation. Identifying imminent purchases through buying history and then developed by every site visit impressions, by each individual consumer. “When you’ve already captured your customers you’d be a fool to ignore them”, said Clare Shaw, Marketing Manager at Liberty of London. Better still an amazing insight from a much-admired man “To have thirteen million people on a database and do nothing with it is what I call strategic constipation. Sir Leonard Wolfson.

SwiftERM is a customer-centric solution offering an additional revenue stream to most ecommerce retail marketing mix. It should not be considered a replacement, as it’s a concentration on existing consumers which complements alternate software applications. The solution starts and ends with the consumer! It watches what each individual buys, browses, pauses on, repeatedly returns to and how they are influenced. Their loyalties, affinities, taste and style. Like a best-friend sitting down next to you and studying perpetually what it is, that makes you unique. It especially remembers what and when that person buys, and what factors influenced it.

It takes all this information, creates a unique email of the products by populating a pre-prepared stylesheet, in order of the greatest propensity to buy, and delivers it at exactly the perfect time. It used intelligent learning. What you wanted last night can be forgotten in the morning, as it changes in the blink of an eye. This morning’s wants, needs and aspirations can be wholly different. Nano-second live-time learning is working behind the scene. No wonder it is so successful. We publish typical vertical results from a variety of sizes of verticals to prove the returns here.

We offer everyone a “Free Month’s Trial” so they can see for themselves without obligation! Further, if it doesn’t achieve 4x the potential cost it remains free until it does.

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Greater detail on the subtlety of the system is available here.