Trustpilot the product score leaders have completed their integration with the world’s first auto email remarketing SaaS, SwiftERM . Now any ecommerce retailer using Trustpilot can benefit from implementing specialist remarketing email software for their platform.

This is the only email remarketing software in the world to achieve this. This product was independently verified to deliver a 6 fold increase in their transaction rate and 51% increase in the CTR. And now for the first time, it also includes your Trustpilot scores.

Imagine an email solution, as your primary email function that runs perpetually in the background without need for segmentation ‘slicing and dicing’ audiences or products; that delivers that nirvana of ROI – the highest possible achievable return. It watches both the browsing, purchase and abandon history of each consumer, from which it selects products with the highest buying propensity for that individual; calculates their perfect buying opportunity from this data too, and at the perfect time sends the perfect email for the perfect response.

This isn’t watching collective data and taking an average and rolling it out! This is ‘one on one’ individual and personal. Now, in addition to that degree of sophistication, it also delivers all the benefits of including your product Trustpilot scores too! It’s here and it’s live online now. Join the clamour to be first inline to secure your free trial offered to newcomers, be they Community or Enterprise clients, amazingly priced system becomes subscription monthly thereafter, at just 1p per person on your database.