The future of technology used in email marketing - SwiftERM

This is about the future of technology used in email marketing. There are those receptive to change and those who oppose it. Some are beyond redemption, the old dog who refuses to be taught new tricks. Incongruous then perhaps, to a world of artificial intelligence, automated technology, predictive analytics and what the future of technology offers. E-commerce marketing can change in an instant, and while the brightest and best appreciate that fact, many take their time to catch-up.

Consider e-commerce software available today that automates vast amounts of effort into profits at a fraction of the cost. Opportunities identified, potential absorbed and application adopted. What then of going beyond that into the realms of total email automation. That would be an era where product segmentation finally got binned, consumer grouping likewise and product selection achieved on a personal and individual consumer basis. What then if the returns blew away the old troglodyte software still profiteering from what is archaic in technology, by today’s standards. Despite seeing the writing on the wall it did not enable some to react quickly enough, or perhaps they assume there is more time. Looking at the stats of failing companies should be enough to prevent complacency, yet speak to anyone in the grips of a company’s death rattle, and more often than not they all are in denial and certain they are absolved of any guilt or blame.

Consider then technology that uses impressions as well as purchase-history to calculate within a massive degree of accuracy, exactly what each individual consumer will buy next. This is the future, an additional, succulent slice of the cake from existing clients, overlooked without exception by all those companies listed above. An opportunity that actually adds to the bottom line of each customer’s value, by bringing to the party additional sales that are otherwise missed.

Let us consider adding in SwiftERM to the marketing mix. Additional to promotion and marketing email software. Let’s take a typical example of a £50m t/o company with 400k customers, with a 60% margin (fashion perhaps). There are no staff costs to deduct, as the system is 100% automated software, and warehousing, pick and pack staff etc are an already incurred overheads. This then is a pure, unadulterated gross-profit machine. In the above size company, a turnover of £50k per month is common-place, delivering a GP of £30k GP pm, delivers an average additional 10% to online turnover.

Stats for a variety of verticals are published for comparison and regularly updated. To prove it works, we present a menu of delights to tempt you and reassure you: i. The full system is provided free of charge for a month, including help installing the plugin if needed. ii That if it doesn’t achieve at least 4 times the potential monthly billing cost, which in the above example would return a substantial profit, then it remains free until it does. iii. There is no lock-in to a contract that forces you into a loss situation.  We want to be working with you in a many decades time, so make absolutely everything we do all about helping you and winning both your trust and then faith that we will always do the right thing by you, and more importantly be held in esteem by you for delivering on our promises.

So at this point, we come back to the standard marketing channels you use, your SEO, PPC and developers all have need of your time and investment. In fairness they are likely to have been around the table before us, each committed to securing your success, and they’re a known return. Perhaps not massive but known. Consider then the most common phrase we hear post-results analysis, which is “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”.  We can’t answer that, if you postpone trying the system, which we give to all new users for free, to establish viability then you must answer for that. SwiftERM offers this use of our current £2m investment in this software to use for your company free for a month. With a guaranteed return, from which to establish viability. And when it blows your expectation out the window, you will be amazed to know we also don’t tie you into a term contract with us. You can come and go at your leisure – the policy of a company who know their value to their customers.

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