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Everyone who is successful in ecommerce appreciates that a considerable percentage of revenue is derived from Primary Tier email marketing solutions. Indeed the Ecommerce Training Academy consider it the second most important element after publishing your site. It is by its very nature, the primary pro-active medium (go-to) used to take the product to the consumer, rather than wait for them to come to you. It should be acknowledged that in so doing email creates frustration and therefore potential denigration of the sender in the eyes of the recipient. This is a given. Likewise, contrary to the characterisation you hear in the media, 80% of all consumers that subscribe to mailing lists, remain on them perpetually and enjoy receiving appropriate emails. Reasons for suppression are readily available such as from Autopilot.


The benefit is enormous potential profits, and the reason that to omit it from your marketing would have a cataclysmic effect for any company. After all consumers by their very nature have all the foibles and delectations on the spectrum. As the individual voice is more and more capable of being heard, so too is the lack of education in that area, has lead to more and more vociferous attitudes of consumer intrusion. Time is healing this notoriety though, and it is generally considered that it will take a few lifetimes, to rid ourselves of less scrupulous retailers who bludgeon their captured database with inappropriate content, rather than be peerless in both their motives and execution. Let us put aside the troglodytes for now and address only those with their consumers best interests at heart, achieving as it does a perpetual revenue stream.


2nd tier email marketing for ecommerce

A primary tier email solution would typically include the likes of Mailchimp, Bronto, Emarsys etc, details of these and many others are featured in our selection article here. Retailers typically have considerable staff involved in the segmentation of audience profiles, segmentation of products, and anything and everything in between, to maximise the return on their emails to customers and their lifetime value. (For our guide to calculating lifetime customer value see here).

What however of the non featured products sales of which, but for being in the right place at the right time, would have been highly profitable. it would be fair and reasonable to assume that within acceptable margins the segmentation process, often running in parallel with front-line marketing campaigns and seasonality etc would compensate for the loss of these sales. But what if you were able to capture both? That is exactly what 2nd tier email software does. The best analogy we heard was to consider all the runners in a race, competing for a magnificent trophy, the gun goes off and they all take off down the track full-pelt. One person however instead simply stands up, walks across the track, picks up the trophy, bows to the audience and walks off. If no rules stipulate that in order to win the trophy you must compete in the race, the analogy is perfect. Forget the effort go straight to the reward.

What necessary elements are required to achieve a 2nd tier email software solution? The targeting requires a finite appreciation of each individual consumer’s activity on your website. So that’s not only purchase-history-tracking but impressions too, a perpetual calculation of buying activity in order to identify the buying propensity able to be attributed to each and every consumer, regardless of anyone else. Thereafter a predictive analytics algorithm calculates the population of each email on an individual basis and performs infinite change and development throughout the perpetual journey of that consumer on your site. It might have been reasonably assumed before that because Mrs.X bought that cotton dress in red last year, and she buys two every year, that she is highly likely to buy another and therefore gets pigeon-holed into tomorrows send. What though if she has just bought it after the stats were extracted, a wasted email? Not with 2nd tier, it’s perpetual omniscience recalculates buying propensity and the top products selected to populate her unique stylesheet content.

We are delighted to recommend SwiftERM 2nd tier Email marketing software, to run alongside you existing solution perpetually, to magnificent effect. A free trial is available. further details on cost etc are available to review above.

We hope you enjoyed this article, intended to help improve our client’s profitability. It reflects the care SwiftERM offer. If you haven’t already done so, then please enjoy a FREE month’s trial and let us know what you think. Register 


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