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SwiftERM Release for Magento 2 NOW Available!. We are delighted to announce the release via new Magento Marketplace, of SwiftERM on Magento 2, available from today! Here.

SwiftERM is the world’s only fully automated email marketing system, designed specifically for ecommerce. Using the system requires a simple registration together with a common plugin installation, which takes just a few minutes. The system begins by downloading a copy of all the site’s SKUs, large format images, product information and prices. Multiple sites from the same platform require multiple registrations, which is part of the annexation where appropriate for multiple languages. It likewise takes a copy of each consumer’s previously captured sales history together with their purchase history. Thereafter it likewise captures all impressions made by those consumers, plus those against IP address, which it later allocates once a customer is identified. SwiftERM are GDPR compliant so new retailers must ensure they are likewise.

Once satisfied all the data is loaded, the system adopts a manual launch process, as part of a security check implemented to ensure everything is double-checked for accuracy. A granular machine learning algorithm uses a myriad of information, captured from every conceivable key position indicator, both direct and left-field, to calculate which are the products with the highest buying propensity at that precise moment in time for each individual consumer. It then arranges these into a style-sheet, acknowledged to have the highest returns possible previously established, (see here) and delivers this back to the platform to be despatched via it’s email server. Time from registration to launch is dictated by the volume of information to be captured, but ranges typically between 2-10 days.

An independent report by Experian in 2014 identified that this degree of personalisation delivered a 6-fold increase in transactions and 53% increase in CTR. Meaning SwiftERM is one of the most powerful email marketing tools available anywhere in the world. As a consequence it became the only solution in the world integrated with Trustpilot – who are the world’s biggest rating system, so it can offer product review ratings in outbound marketing emails. SwiftERM has also won many awards both in Europe and the USA.

For more information please contact our customer support team.

We hope you enjoyed this article, intended to help improve our client’s profitability. It reflects the care SwiftERM offer. If you haven’t already done so, then please enjoy a FREE month’s trial and let us know what you think. Register, call us on 0207 998 3901, book a call with us https://calendly.com/swifterm/15min or Zoom ID 964 515 7464 


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