SwiftERM Receives 2 eCommerce Awards From B2B Software Experts


SwiftERM was recently recognized as an “innovative and effective” eCommerce software by a recognized B2B software review website. Aside from getting high marks from CompareCamp, SwiftERM was awarded the Great User Experience and Rising Star awards.

CompareCamp assessed each aspect of SwiftERM and concluded that it is a “step above” the competition and a “boon for eCommerce ventures” as it makes automated mails that are “unique,” “relevant,” and “personalized” to each individual. This is made possible with our advanced smart learning technology that considers consumers based on multiple factors. With this, CompareCamp gave SwiftERM its Great User Experience Award, which is only awarded to solutions that have a well-designed interface and are tried and tested to be effective.

All of these feats are also reflected in CompareCamp’s verdict on each of the product’s aspect, with its ease of use and main functionality both earning a high 84 rating.

Similarly, the Rising Star Award shows that SwiftERM is perceived as a great eCommerce software by its clients. CompareCamp also reinforces this thought in their review, stating that aside from making emailing “simple and fast,” SwiftERM is a “smart email marketing solution” that allows its clients to accomplish a lot of tasks with minimal effort.