SwiftERM Predictive Analytics for Ecommerce - Stylesheet

The product selection is personalised – to each consumer receiving it

Each email uses the language offered by the platform. The layout remains constant for familiarity, but the product selection changes depending on the demands and whims of the recipient, based on that individual’s browsing and buying habits. No two emails are the same and each one changes, as a new one is sent.

On-brand, consistent and 100% automated

Images and content are sourced from your website so the buyer enjoys a consistent experience, and the language is consistent with the retailer’s preferences. If you use multiple languages around the world, SwiftERM is specific to how you have them designated on your platform. Tenure, emphasis, style, phrases and individual words you prefer define your brand, and is specific to your target market. With the greatest of accuracy we utilise this content, your expertise and effort, from which each individual’s emails are created and sent. There’s no potential for error, deviation or omission. The emailed images only ever come from the highest resolution folder on your platform to ensure greatest possible clarity and definition. Email are sent from your server, with the ‘from’ address indicated as legitimately being from you. No two emails are ever the same, each is personal and unique to that particular consumer, changing constantly as their tastes do, throughout their lifetime.

To know more about power of the stylesheet design, the obstacles overcome, and the effort that is involved, go here. This is an important element to the success

The recipient is named in a salutation if identified on your database

The lead item is the product with the highest buying propensity

This style sheet was the highest performing version used over a 10 year period across 3 blue-chip mail order companies, of it’s nearest alternative, and it remains constant

The body copy of the lead item is the full description not truncated, displayed together with the price

12 further products are shown as lineage only. Still the highest potential buying propensity ranked order, with price

The retailer may amend the signature panel to suit taste such as provide additional contact information or more touch points

All images are taken from the highest resolution folder for greatest clarity in HTML

If the recipient is not able to open HTML, the email is sent in plain text format

The subject line of the email is always the title of the lead item.

The language used in each email is taken from the the website and therefore appropriate to the recipient

All emails have individual and collective tracking codes from which browsing and sales data are captured

6 further display products appear next in order, each have a limited area of copy description, all show price

Selection of products is strictly by greatest buying propensity

A unique extra algorithm for 3 items that were most commonly bought by those purchasing from the selection above

Link provided so the recipient can adjust subscription or opt-out

A SwiftERM logo is included which links to our website

Trustpilot logo auto-added here if applicable

Intelligent software – that learns

SwiftERM uses a machine learning algorithm. That means every nuance and subtlety which influences each individual consumer’s buying decisions are maximized to the full to deliver the highest possible returns from each and every email. To ensure greatest accuracy every one has a series of tracking codes so that the recipient’s browsing and buying information can be monitored, to better serve future selection. This enables the retailer to appreciate the distinction of sales attributed to us exclusively, with transparency, clarity and accuracy. SwiftERM is intelligent software – it learns, it uses this information to better serve each consumer, using their behaviours which illustrate taste, preference, attitude and influence, to define their individual personality traits. It applies this knowledge to all future emails. Every detail is utilized, and as your relationship with that customer develops and their life preferences change, so too does the product selection they are offered. No two emails are ever alike, not even to the same person. This is state-of-the-art machine-learning that delivers the perfect results, selecting products for each email with the the highest possible buying propensity, and all this on a one-to-one basis with each individual consumer.

Why our customers love SwiftERM

“These are wonderful people to do business with, the system works wonderfully and the support top notch”

Sue Matthews, Proctors HealthcareEastbourne, UK.

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