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SwiftERM offer comprehensive Pitch Deck for this email marketing and marketing automation software. If you don’t have the time to scour the entire content of this website, we are delighted to offer this prėcis of what  we do and how, and most importantly with what effect. It offers both purpose, application and detail, of the potential returns commonly achieved with total openness and candour. Potential ecommerce clients can feel secure in its authenticity and their decision to choose it.


We aim to reassure that decision, with a comprehensive understanding of the software, by which you are able to reach an informed decision to take the free trial. It is also pertinent to our partners as well as our client’s developers, who wish to provided details of us, without the frills often associated with the recommendation of a new facility. Take for examples the offered stats, these are taken from actual client control panels, with their permission. A variety of verticals are unpublished regularly here.


SwiftERM is a completely automatic email system  (100% – therefore zero staff are employed in it whatsoever). We reiterate this factor frequently throughout this website, as the notion of zero human interface still confuses people often, especially  where the ability to manipulate and influence are regarded as a necessity or right, and is such a commonly provided facility. It cannot deliver a finite result of algorithm predicted products for each individual consumer, and then allow for this data to be changed and therefore corrupted, which would defeat the purpose. The system will be judged, regardless of peoples influences on it, by what it can achieve. 


SwiftERM is developed for ecommerce retailers to use in addition to marketing and promotional email software. It runs alongside that software, not instead of it. Software providers like Emarsys have embraced this distinction by actually partner with us, such is their appreciation.  It uses a predictive analytics algorithm noting buying history and live impressions,  to calculate imminent consumer purchases, then prepares a unique email for each individual shopper, based on the live data as it is received.  Consumer choices and desires can change in a whim, and we need to be there to use that information as it happens.


It is such a powerful tool, Trustpilot authorised SwiftERM to become the only company “in the world” able to send product ratings in outbound emails.


SwiftERM comprehensive Pitch Deck

References are available on Trustpilot and Capterra.

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