The predictive analytics system for visionaries, doubters, believers and sceptics

There are those receptive to change and opposing them across the table are those beyond redemption, like old dogs who cannot be taught new tricks. Not then ideally compatible to the future in a world of artificial intelligence, automated technology, predictive analytics and every little step forward the world offers. E-commerce marketing can change in a flash, and while the brightest and best appreciate that fact, the channels entrenched in our conscience unless used, turn the same luminaries from bright-young-things into mythering dinosaurs. Which one of us with hindsight would not have jumped at the opportunity to be part of the Apple / Microsft beginnings, rubbing shoulders sat in that garage with Steve Jobs & Bill Gates.

Consider e-commerce software available today that automates vast amounts of effort into profits at a fraction of the cost. Opportunity identified, absorbed and adopted. What then of going beyond that into the realms of total automation. product segmentation binned, consumer grouping binned, staff requirement binned, and product selection achieved on a personal and individual consumer basis. What then if the returns blew away the old troglodyte’s software still profiteering from 10-year-old technology. Despite seeing the writing on the wall it did not enable them to react quickly, or they perhaps assumed they had more time to adapt and maintain share while their peers went past. Consider a technology that uses impressions as well as purchase-history to calculate within a few percentage points, exactly what each individual consumer known to the retailer will buy next. This then is the future, but instead of it trying to secure a succulent slice of the existing cake, actually adds to the whole, by bringing to the party additional sales that would otherwise have been missed.

But let us stand these thoughts on their head, and look at what to expect from adopting SwiftERM. Let’s use an example of a £10m t/o company with 200k customers, with a 60% margin, our usual client, and figures we are happy and willing to substantiate on request. There are no costs to deduct for our automation software like warehousing, pick and pack staff etc as these are already incurred overheads. This then is a pure, unadulterated gross-profit machine. In the above size company, a turnover of £50k per month is common-place, delivering a GP of £30k, less our cost of £2k per month, an additional 8-10% online turnover. Put simply every time you part with £2k we put £28k in your hand. But instead of considering it that way round, let us turn it on its head. Imagine we already give you £28k directly into your hand every month, and now we going to stop doing it. You can’t have it anymore, we are taking it away. You haven’t had to do anything for it, why should we let you keep it. You can see why you might consider needing to keep close-protection personnel, after all, you would want to protect your lucrative income stream from such predatory action. This is actually not us, but your action by failing to try it.

So at this point, we come back to the standard channels used, your SEO consultants, PPC consultants and Developers all have need of your time and investment. They were around the table first, to ensure your success, and they’re a known return. Not massive but known. Consider then the most common phrase we hear post results analysis, which is “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”.  We can’t answer that, if you postpone trying the system, which we give to all new users for free, to establish viability then you must answer for that. SwiftERM offers the full use of £2m worth of software to use for your company for a month, with a guaranteed return, from which to establish viability. And when it blows your expectation out the window, you will be amazed to know we also don’t tie you into a term contract with us. You can come and go at your leisure – the policy of a company who know their value to their customers.

Ask us for the testimonials today, better still try it out and see for yourself.