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Technology is developing at a meteoric rate. Today’s ecommerce success is heavily influenced by how fast that technology can be applied. It is universally acknowledged that Predictive Analytics is the discipline that delivers the single greatest increment. It uses personalisation in taste, needs, demands, preferences, expenditure, motivation and desire from your existing consumers. 

The best measure – is to try it yourself

Know what they are going to buy before they do

The automatic system that puts exactly the right products before them at the right time.

Predictive Analytics Ecommerce can empower your ecommerce retail. SwiftERM offers the advance technology demanded by Enterprise and Community retailers. Application of predictive analytics is considered to be the benchmark by which excellence in consumer sales is now measured. This is the perpetual driver of loyalty and maximizing sales: to ensure that regardless of seasonality or promotion, individual customers are presented with products they are most likely to buy. Email systems profess to have perfected the degree of analysis and segmenting for you, but the flaw in this process remains that individuality is ignored. This opens the door for error and inaccuracy, commonly mis-targeting the right products to would-be otherwise keen purchasers.

With SwiftERM, each consumer is a unique individual. We appreciate that by achieving the highest degree of accuracy of product content selection, means we deliver that nirvana of customer-relations excellence – driven by individual selection. SwiftERM uses all the buying history and live impressions from each individual consumer. We watch where they hesitate and return. We see what they have affinity with, mix and match, how they style, identifying where their loyalties are, what they have brand affinity with – or not and price-point acceptance. What’s more we see immediately as this changes – for each one.

This system perpetually calculates how to maximize the product selection for each individual, so your communication cannot be more accurate. It contains all the items they most want to see, and are most likely to buy at that precise moment. This article helps to explain the distinction, which you may wish to read.

Show customers products that they're ready to buy
Every kind of product and niche can be remarketed

Automated marketing maximised!

Perpetually working, our system is totally automatic and works while you sleep.

Each email we send has been devised to maximize each individual consumer’s propensity to make a purchase based on all the impressions you receive from their personal browsing, purchasing and abandon history. Your platform collects all this data; our system maximises the use from it. Your customers are emailed one at a time, ensuring each communication is perfect for that individual – no two are ever the same. With the perfect product selection that our machine learning algorithm has identified, SwiftERM delivers a 6-fold increase in transaction rate – the number of times your consumers make a purchase each year, and a 51% increase in click through rate (CTR) compared to ESPs, verified by Experian plc.

We are always delighted to receive reviews some of which are available to see here (click on the link below):

Low cost – unbelievably good value

Fully automatic – means zero staff costs, delivers a massive saving.

SwiftERM’s cost is based on a tiered pricing system dictated by the volume of consumers on your database. Increments are per 10k, and illustrate our staggeringly low price structure we offer. As your database grows, we always round-down to provide you with the best value, and deliver the greatest return. This highly professional software is a fraction of the cost of email systems, but delivers more than double their effectiveness*.

We’d like to work with you to maximise the effectiveness for your store, and ensure the algorithm and email marketing is perfect for your market. Only when we know it works perfectly and that you are happy to stay with us do we leave it to run automatically. Enjoy peace of mind with both free assistance with installation and a month’s free trial which begins only when it is up and running.

Predictive Analytics empowering ecommerce retailers
Experian study conducted for SwiftERM remarketing software



Our claims are backed up by an Experian study.

SwiftERM has been assessed by an independent Experian study to determine how effective personalisation software with remarketing solutions really is.

Their findings were astounding as the results indicated this sophisticated predictive analytics software increases transaction rates 6-fold and CTRs by 51%. That’s great news for ecommerce retailers looking to make a significant impact immediately to their online sales!

Why our customers love SwiftERM

Since we signed up with SwiftERM in 2015 we have seen an ROI of 800%. It’s a no-brainer.”

Ben Greenwood, Marketing Manager, American Soda UK and American Soda Germany

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