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Technology is developing at a meteoric rate. Today’s ecommerce successes are commonly influenced by how fast technology is being applied. It is universally acknowledged that Predictive Personalisation is the discipline that delivers the single greatest increment, the highest ROI currently available. It captures taste, needs, demands, preferences, expenditure, motivation and desire from your consumers to achieve a closer affinity with you and therefore greater lifetime customer value. 

Predicting imminent consumer purchases an overview of what we do and how


Analytics, predicting consumer purchases, requires sophisticated tools. We examine the way in which your data, past and present, best influences future actions. It uses complex statistical, mathematical analytics to compute frequencies, cross-tabs, and query-and-reporting cubes.

Predictive Analytics can empower ecommerce
Predictive Analytics can empower ecommerce

The analysis insights determine which actions will drive the optimal outcomes.


Recommended actions, along with supporting information, delivered within our systems to be most effective. It then implements them. We are talking about an extremely detailed insight into human nature and the individual personality of each of your consumers, to a finite solution


  • Decision optimisation determines which actions will drive the optimal outcomes

  • Delivery on those recommended actions and effectively implement them

  • Analyses past and present action, to determine future purchasing using advanced analytics




Predictive Analytics can empower ecommerce

Accuracy from historic sales and impressions

Live impressions captured, distinguishing subtle nuances that are otherwise ignored.

Consider a consumer who regularly buys a specific brand. They are obviously comfortable with it, but this could be for variety of reasons: size reassurance, cut, quality, colours, materials used, brand identity or lifestyle affinity. Or for that matter, taste, texture, clarity, finish the list is endless.


Predictive Analytics can empower ecommerce
Predictive Analytics can empower ecommerce


Our claims are backed up by an Experian study.


SwiftERM has been assessed by Experian independently, to determine how effective predictive personalisation software really is.


Their findings were astounding as the results indicated that predictive analytics software increases transaction rates 6-fold and CTRs by 51%. That’s great news for ecommerce retailers looking to make a significant impact immediately to their online sales! If ever there was a motivation for immediate installation, that is it.


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