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Predictive analytics is a series of techniques, tools, and technologies that use data to find models that can anticipate outcomes, with a significant probability of accuracy. Or, put simply, it’s taking what you know about someone and using that insight to forecast future results.

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Predicting imminent consumer purchases – an overview


Predicting imminent consumer purchases requires sophisticated tools. Advanced analytics are used to examine the way in which examine data on past, present, and projected future actions using historic sales and live impressions on your site. Advanced analytics include statistical, mathematical, and other algorithmic techniques and are more complex than the basic analytics used to compute frequencies, cross-tabs, and query and reporting cubes.

From this, our advanced analysis results insight that is used to determine which actions will drive the optimal outcomes. Recommended actions, along with supporting information, are delivered to the systems that can effectively implement them. Human nature and individual personality to a finite solution.

  • Analyses past and present action, to determine future purchases using advanced analytics
  • Decision optimization determines which actions will drive the optimal outcomes, and then delivers those recommended actions to systems that can effectively implement them 
Predicting imminent consumer purchases
Brand identity, lifestyle affinity

Accuracy extends well beyond historic sales!

Live impressions captured, distinguishing subtle nuances that are otherwise ignored.

Consider a consumer who regularly buys a specific brand. They are obviously comfortable with it, but this could be for variety of reasons: size reassurance, cut, quality, colours, materials used, brand identity or lifestyle affinity. Or for that matter, taste, texture, clarity, finish the list is endless. But look deeper and the algorithm also identifies shifts and trends between not only the preferred brands but within their individual buying choices that change perpetually.

What did they compare? What was their budget? What could the purchase preferences signify? It would be all too easy to trivialise a peer brand, dismissing it merely because it has so far not been purchased. Family and friends might have complimented the purchase, and a myriad of high-street opportunities may denigrate your assumptions. If, however the buying opportunity can be limited to you, both through the range of opportunities you have identified, and within the confines of a unique communication, the relevance and desire to purchase is amplified many fold.

SwiftERM is a Microsoft Certified Partner


As a Microsoft Partner, SwiftERM data analysis will have access to an expanded set of capabilities to provide state-of-the-art business analytics to clients across all ecommerce verticals. The partnership provides a strategic advantage to SwiftERM clients, by enabling the development using the Azure platform in ever more important functionality at machine speed and scale.

Many enterprise businesses today recognize the potential of AI technologies to create significant value by enhancing their go-to-market strategy but struggle with the email additional revenue generation aspect. Building on decades of experience, SwiftERM supports the needs of these businesses and helps them generate much needed additional revenue from the existing customers in an otherwise missed opportunity

The merits choosing any Microsoft enhancements to complement the SwiftERM facility are perpetually considered, and clients with particular appreciation may, with consultation, select these from us. These include dedicated support, comprehensive insights, planning tools, and heavily cloud orientated for global empowerment.

Microsoft partner with SwiftERM
Knowledge Transfer Programme – University Initiative

Knowledge Transfer Programme University Initiative

Live impressions captured, distinguishing subtle nuances that are otherwise ignored.

SwiftERM are participants of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme, a UK University initiative which helps businesses in the UK to innovate and develop. It does this by utilising an academic or research organisation and graduates.

It’s all about the transfer of tangible and intellectual property, expertise, learning and skills between academia and the non-academic community. It’s also well recognised by government and funders as an important return on the UK’s investment in academic research, one that provides a significant driving force for enhancing economic growth and societal wellbeing. For academics, KT can be a way of gaining new perspectives on possible directions and approaches for research. This two-way exchange element of KT is at the heart of successful and sustainable collaboration.

The academic or research organisation partner will help to recruit a suitable graduate, known as an Associate. They will act as the employer of the graduate, who then works at the company for the duration.

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