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Parallel  processes guide to best email practises. Emails, texts, and other notifications are critical for engaging with customers. No matter what form they take – alerts, daily summaries, weekly updates, special notices, or monthly newsletters – marketing emails, process triggered emails (abandoned basket, anniversaries) customer personalized emails, and notifications keep your customers informed, provide them with reminders of core products, and help drive revenue.

These notifications come in a growing number of formats delivered across an expanding set of client/message types. Many are triggered by user actions – whether based on a user’s schedule (2 days after signup etc) or their activity (after they abandon a shopping cart). And they are increasingly being personalized, whether it’s a report of daily activity or recommendations and offers created specifically for each consumer.

Flexibility, Horsepower, and Scale

Orchestrating and sending customer centric, personalized notifications demands an agile framework, processing horsepower, and an easy way to scale the send and distribution. Using SwiftERM is simple and has zero requirement for any staff whatsoever. It is 100% automatic, so no training, no cost for the number of “seats”, no down-time due to absenteeism. It is the perfect notification flow. Once installed you’re free to watch the system take the data stored in your buying history, becomes enhanced with each individual’s day to day impressions, as they visit your site, as they perpetually refine their potential with you. You achieve immediate additional sales as a consequence. Additional to anything and everything else you run. It uses your data to perpetually improve accuracy of each individual’s product selection and perpetuate an increase in that individual’s average order value

Sending out the same copy of a newsletter to thousands of customers isn’t difficult, but customizing or personalizing each and every one of them is another matter. Nothing here is segmented – well unless you count to the power of one! Marketing emails using your ESP (Mailchimp, Emarsys, Dotdigital, Klaviyo for example) require each email to be created by staff pulling up information specific to each user and inserting it into a specialized message format or template. If it’s daily activity (grind), the data might be in a ready form for inclusion. Consider the cost of the staff necessary to implement these duties, against the overall ROI. Other types of data, like personalized offers, might need heavier processing (which, in these cases, might mean continual tasks running in the background to prep the data for the message). A few servers or even dozens of servers aren’t likely going to cut it even with a modest amount of users.

This is where SwiftERM excels, as thousands of tasks run across our servers. Most apps send emails and notifications at set times (first thing in the morning or at the end of the day) which means the process are laborious. SwiftERM takes all the effort out of this, and while we don’t replace marketing ESPs, and indeed we support many who appreciate this distinction and partner them, we do take all the effort out of personalisation of emailing each consumer. The data tells us when each consumer is most likely to be influenced too, so timing sensitivity is included. The benefits extend well beyond the lucrative additional sales achieved. Our case-studies also illustrate a greater lifetime value, lower rate of return, higher click-through rate and phenomenally lower suppressions rate – half that of ESP software. This means customers remaining subscribed – a loyalty which reflects in the perpetual value. We don’t know of any other software that does this. Which is why Trustpilot exclusively authorised us to send their product reviews in all outbound emails for our clients, a facility we readily and freely offer to all SwiftERM users for free.

Running Thousands of Tasks at a Time

The biggest benefit comes in you being able to run SwiftERM automatically. This includes that the system is perpetual running. No issue due to holiday requirements, maternity leave, resignations, strikes, moving offices, power cuts, indeed nor fire, flood, pestilence or plague. That’s from your perspective. From the consumer’s perspective they are perpetually kept in the loop, shown products pertinent to them as an individual, and contextual marketing is the first chapter of the new ecommerce email bible, to the point they can rely on them. Moreover SwiftERM emails serve to support your standard marketing email campaigns, but without the hype or hullabaloo associated with promotional activity which often puts people off regardless of how well it performs. Achieving profit on marketing email campaign number one, doesn’t necessarily mean these campaigns can be sustained in perpetuity, if all your customers subsequently leave because you annoyed them.

Using SwiftERM in parallel

SwiftERM is installed as a plugin. and if you are a nefarious character looking to side-step the millions of pounds we have invested to todate, we would offer that the process doesn’t happen on the plugin. It simply downloads the data to a (GDPR / BIS DPL compliant) encrypted facility where it is perpetually processed by our predictive analytics algorithm. We are occasionally asked whether the process slows your site down. the answer is most definitely not, to be exact 0.003 n/s pp. SwiftERM generates additional revenue from your existing consumers. Some companies consider the extra we deliver as a means to recoup the cost of their heavy returns, especially in fashion, others just appreciate completing the marketing circle. Those who do complement their existing solutions with it, appreciate that omission is simply not an option. SwiftERM complements all existing ESPs. The more astute reader will appreciate, that it is better to have a fully automatic system than none at all, especially if there isn’t a budget to launch one. But we are first and foremost here as an addition to existing email marketing programs rather than being a standalone.

Learn more

To learn more about how SwiftERM, can help scale your email success visit check out the further detail available here on our website. Reviews are available at Trustpilot or Capterra, or video here. We offer a month’s free trial so you can establish viability for yourself, without needing to rely of someone else’s website. SwiftERM are certified Microsoft Partner MPN ID 6197468. The final word goes to one of our customers “I thought I knew everything that was out there, and you were looking to simply replace my email facility, that was a mistake, and I suffered not using you for 3 years before I realised, as a consequence“.

We hope you enjoyed this article, intended to help improve our client’s profitability. It reflects the care SwiftERM offer. If you haven’t already done so, then please enjoy a FREE month’s trial and let us know what you think. Register, call us on 0207 998 3901, book a call from us or Zoom ID 964 515 7464 


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