There is some fantastic and exciting news here at SwiftERM. For the last couple of months we have been developing a brand new advanced machine learning algorithm for our system – how our personalised email facility selects products and retargets customers using their personal browsing and buying habits, both on abandon and to develop an ongoing relationship. Victor Genin from Tel Aviv, a specialist machine learning technician, worked as lead project developer, and together his team have taken 6 month’s of continuous effort to bring the project to fruition.

The company has invested heavily in this the most potent of new technologies, and we are delighted to announce it has now been launched, which makes SwiftERM enormously more effective. Tested for the past few weeks on several enterprise and commercial platforms, to ensure the system integration worked perfectly, with a few modifications for load-balancing, it has began to deliver significant results, indeed they are fulfilling our wildest expectations.

Clients have experienced an uplift of between 4% – 6% in excess of the 10.26% attributed sales seen throughout 2016, which is a huge increase for an already successful ecommerce plugin. 
”While we appreciate these are staggering figures” said David Swift CEO, “they are supported by our new policy of offering everyone perpetual use of the system until such time that it delivers 4x the monthly cost, so we are not only confident in the results delivered, but that we are prepared to back it up with substantial verification too”.