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Missing glaringly obvious opportunities!: Automatic email marketing software for ecommerce, that predicts imminent purchases, complementing existing email software to deliver additional income revenue.

SwiftERM was a solution devised from learning working for many of London’s leading retailers for over a decade. We appreciated the need for a totally automatic means to communicate with consumers, needed by resource stricken retailer, in both hours and cash. SwiftERM, launched in 2014, is now enjoyed by many, and the fruits it brings. Happy to share their results and referrals too.

SwiftERM works in addition to your ESP. All of them including the likes of Mailchimp, Klaviyo or Emarsys.The distinction can be confusing, unless the power of predictive analytics is appreciated. SwiftERM does not requiring any change to your promotional or marketing email structure or campaign. But rather it picks up the often overlooked immediate purchases where the buying signals are so obviously screaming for products to be bought, but for the asking.  Enterprise retailers have literally hundreds of people segmenting audiences and product for them in their email marketing department. Each fastidiously working on building reputations, devising campaigns, ever nurturing greater loyalty, segmenting-profiles of audiences, weighed against promotional incentives and their multi-million pound perpetual investment.

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds – Francis Bacon


SwiftERM software offers an additional revenue opportunity. It devises entirely personal emails for each individual consumer, based on what they want to buy. No one is suggesting a reduction of existing marketing direction or effort, we bring something extra to the party to complements the other. 

Despite the referrals, we appreciate you want to be reassured of the many implications introductions that new solutions have before it becomes intrinsic to your mix. So to both establish viability and self-generate subsequent cost, we provide full, unfettered use of the system for a month to every new user, so you can see the effect on your own site for yourself.  that our investment of over £2 million spent so far, perfecting it.  

It requires an appreciation of the different way it works. It goes against the grain of conventional methodology as it cuts to the chase of cutting-edge technology application. All big-data, AI lectures you read conclude with the principals we adopt. If your consumers buy the things they like, need, appreciate, covet etc most, why not offer it regardless of how much you spend on hyping up something else to make it seem appealing? The bottom line, if you can add additional turnover, at  a massive ROI (no other overheads are incurred – as it is totally automatic) wouldn’t it be churlish to not trial it?

Statistics verify that it costs 7 times more to find a new customer than keep an existing one. What then the cost of creating demand instead of simply capturing demand that is already there? Consider then the following stats:


missing glaringly obvious opportunities


These fashion retailer statistics illustrate that in eight months SwiftERM added 5.6% additional turnover, through sending out 2.1 million emails, which is approximately 2 emails a month per consumer, to a database of just 189,918 people. The returned turnover is £264,044.50 which after a month’s free trial and a GP of 60% (conservative for fashion) gives an ROI calculation of 1157% as below. What other facility do you use which delivers anything near this return? 

Turnover attributed: £264,044.50 x 60% GP = £158,426.70
Cost of SwiftERM = (1 month trial free) 7 x £1,800 = £12,600 (See price here)
ROI = 1157%

These actual stats were delivered in addition to the contribution made by a massive floor full of exceptionally talented marketing staff, working exceptionally hard, to drive the company forward. The immediate benefit of predictive analytics identifying from a mass of KPIs, exactly the products that each individual consumer is most likely to buy next, regardless of persuasion or influence. Here then is the crux, with finite regard for avoiding the pressure sell, these products are offered to that person in a simple email that only has product content – no hullabaloo!

If the buying history and every single impression from that person’s every visit, plus all the clicks that every email has ever learnt from, to better hone the products selection choice, is it any wonder that it delivers so much so accurately so perpetually? Like yesterday’s news being tomorrow’s chip wrappers, so consumer’s desires yesterday change infinitely quickly too. No segmenting in the world can keep up with that, that’s why you need SwiftERM. 

We as so confident in the knowledge SwiftERM delivers, we see it perpetually. We know it will deliver a handsome return from day one, so zero budget is actually required, whatsoever. Consumer’s visiting your site leave a myriad of impressions, that are not stored on your platform. We see the capacity of return, therefore improve significantly over the first year. In the first month the returns, as can be seen above, are still very respectable, and easily justify its incorporation into every ecommerce retailers marketing program. Factor into this mix negligible return rates, higher basket value, reduced suppressions and increased loyalty, it makes this an even more viable proposition. These are products your consumer’s want.

We hope you enjoyed this article, intended to help improve our client’s profitability. It reflects the care SwiftERM offer. If you haven’t already done so, then please enjoy a FREE month’s trial and let us know what you think. Register, call us on 0207 998 3901, book a call with us https://calendly.com/swifterm/15min or Zoom ID 964 515 7464 


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