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Making sure it’s right products at the right time! How does an ecommerce retailer grasp the benefit of this most basic of human instincts? Simply “that in order to consolidate preferences which in turn maximize sales you need to offer the right products – at the right time – to the right people”. You shouldn’t need an accountancy qualification to appreciate that the email content offered to your customers should likewise always be “on the money”, namely the things they love. So what is the distinction here? Well marketing and promotional email content attempts to balance the volume of stock available to that offered to the right group of consumers. But consider what if the products you are trying to sell are perceived as “good for you” rather than what they want. Are you trying to sell them apples, when what they really want is a burger?


Imagine you have just bought in 6 pallet loads of blue, and all your focus goes into moving it as soon as possible. But consider what if 20% of them already have blue. Which is why you spotted it was a good seller in the first place. There is no point trying to continue to shove it down their throat again, that group now wants red. Or put more simply, your return will be greater from products that are identified, by each individual consumer, as those they will buy imminently. 


Consider then your existing email campaigns. What if, in addition to your existing email programme, running perpetually in the background, you had a highly sophisticated piece of software that identified the precise products that each individual consumer will buy next? To supplement the return from your database of consumers using all the data on everything they have ever bought, as well as everything they click on, hover over, come back to, reordered etc. A SaaS that uses a predictive analytics algorithm solely and exclusively to address this for you, populating stylesheet and send them exactly the right products that indivdual wants, at that exact moment. Totally automatic therefore with zero additional overheads. 


What if you could have this multi-million-pound software for free, to establish viability? What if it continued to be free until such time as it made at least 4 times the potential monthly cost? What if the company offering it, already had a technical partnership with all the leading ecommerce platforms to further verify their competence and know-how? And offered installations support for free. 


Well quite simply you can it’s called SwiftERM, and we hope you’d like to take an enormous juicy bite, to taste and see if you enjoy it. Dig in!


Here is an example from a fashion client of the returns being enjoyed:

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