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Don’t you just do what my Email service Provider does?


In a word no. We partner many ESPs, like Klaviyo and Emarsys as verification that, when scrutinised, you will see that what we do is different. You would use your email provider to design and send your marketing and promotional emails. Some are trigger based, “if your customer does this, that happens” etc. SwiftERM, regardless of that activity, focuses exclusively on your customer. Customer-centric is the buzz-word. Irrespective of all your other efforts, this algorithm perpetually identifies which products are most likely to be bought next by each individual consumer. It supplements your ESP. This is additional turnover.

What shopping carts does it run on?

We are constantly expanding integration to more and more platforms, on an ‘in demand’ basis. Those available immediately are:
i.     Magento (M1 is no longer available from Magento, but our plugin is still available. For M2, (Up to date) inc PHP 7.4)
ii     Opencart (Up to date)
iii.   WooCommerce (Up to date)
iv.   Prestashop
v.    Shopify (Up to date)
vi.   Volution
vii.  Big Commerce


If you have an alternate platform but are interested in using SwiftERM then let us know and we will endeavour to find a solution to make it available to you.


How easy is it to install?

Installing a plugin for your site is relatively simple, and like anything, easy if you know how. It normally only takes a few minutes. But if you are concerned then we’re happy to do it for you – for free. More than half of our new customers prefer this; their own developers are usually very busy or they charge. If however you would prefer to do it yourself then, when once your registration is complete, a link takes you to the download site for your selected platform. 

Is my data Secure?

Absolutely, this is our most important guarantee. Client data is processed and stored on a secure server. We take security very seriously and employ a number of physical and encrypted security measures to make sure that your data is always safe and secure. All data strictly belongs to you at all times, we exercise no proprietorial rights over it, ever. The client may download or uninstall their data at any time 24/7. Your data is held on our system strictly as an extension of your hosting facility and fully GDPR compliant. 

What about updates and maintenance?

From time to time our software or servers may need updating, or we might need to carry out routine maintenance. We have put systems in place to ensure that these cause minimal or no downtime so that SwiftERM can continue collecting accurate data, and you experience a secure and reliable service. We frequently make improvements and developments to ensure our system is at the forefront of technology in a competitive world. Improving the performance of our system for you, will always be what secures our future.

How does it decide what to include in the predictive personal selection?

The software uses an AI machine learning algorithm, to work out which products to include and where to feature them in each email to maximise engagement and conversions. The algorithm analyses how each of your customers interacts with your site taking many factors into account, including their browsing and purchasing history, product abandonment and regular orders, time on item, frequency of return to its etc. This is ‘intelligent software’ so it constantly looks to improve its own performance. No two emails, even to the same person, are ever alike. You can’t choose what to add, it’s about what the consumer wants to buy not what you want to sell.

How will I know if it’s working correctly?

Real-time reports are available from your stats panel simply by logging in, (user name and password entered at registration). The stats are available for you to change from week to month, or year to view. They show the number of emails sent, click-through rate, orders attributed to this system as distinct from those generated elsewhere through your site. This allows you to  immediately see how it is performing and work out your ROI. 

Who are SwiftERM

Our staff number was 11 at the last count. Some of the senior ones spent over 35 years handing advertising and marketing for prestigious accounts including Liberty of London, The White Company, Fatface, Toast, Snow & Rock, Quba Sails and Next. We enjoy the privilege of first-hand experience of all things consumer driven from the infancy of ecommerce through to today.



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