SwiftERM becomes an Emarsys partner - SwiftERM

SwiftERM becomes an Emarsys partner, the leading provider of cloud marketing software for B2C companies, announced that it has become a SwiftERM Technology Partner, joining a best-of-breed community committed to accelerating the adoption of innovative commerce technologies.

As a member of the SwiftERM Partner ecosystem, Emarsys provides SwiftERM Email Remarketing users with a seamless connection to the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud, providing a data science and execution platform enabling one-to-one personalization. SwiftERM recently announced its commitment to omnichannel development as integral to its growth structure. With the Emarsys LINK cartridge, SwiftERM users can:

  • Utilize the Emarsys customer intelligence platformOptimize automation, engagement and analysis of customer data.
  • Execute social retargeting: Follow up email campaigns with a more personalized approach to CRM ads.
  • Improve inventory management: Execute stock clearance campaigns using Emarsys customer intelligence platform’s product affinity reports. Export product catalogues into the Emarsys product recommendation engine.
  • Provide VIP treatment: Identify your most valuable customers and target them with tailored incentives.

“We are happy to announce the certification of the Emarsys integration as part of the SwiftERM partner program,” said David Swift, CEO and Founder at SwiftERM. “Cross-channel customer engagement is key for succeeding with today’s shopper, so we are excited to have Emarsys in our partner network.”

“We are excited to provide SwiftERM users with the power of the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud,” said Xavier Bastien, Head of Global Partnerships and Alliances, Emarsys. “Our cartridge extends a data-driven approach to automated marketing, enabling SwiftERM users to drive a deeper level of customer engagement that helps increase retention and online revenue.”

About Emarsys
Emarsys is a leading global provider of cloud marketing software for B2C companies and the first B2C Marketing Cloud. The company provides actionable intelligence to enterprises targeting their customers, combining machine learning and data science with true personalization and multichannel delivery to reach customers most effectively, while maximizing engagement and results. With more than 500 employees in 16 global office locations, Emarsys serves more than 1,500 clients in 140 countries. Every month, Emarsys sends over seven billion messages — helping customers increase revenues and ROI. To learn more about Emarsys’ innovative solutions, click here.