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The Ecommerce Association mission is to provide objective, professional advice, resources and training to help ecommerce businesses:

  • offer unique, much-sought-after products
  • develop compelling product descriptions, images and offers
  • attract more qualified prospects
  • nurture those prospects
  • convert those prospects into paying customers
  • provide outstanding after-sales service
  • get products to purchasers quickly and efficiently
  • choose the right technologies and partners
  • attract and hire the right people
  • achieve profitable, long-term growth

Think of us as a mentor for Ecommerce Store Operators.

We strive to help Ecommerce Operators through five key services:

We offer a steadily growing collection of resources designed to encourage online business, including a weekly update covering the latest news and developments across ecommerce and online marketing, both locally and around the world.

We provide access to a number of training courses, webinars and online events covering diverse topics within the ecommerce and online marketing fields.

We provide advice to our members regarding ecommerce and related disciplines.

We promote ecommerce and best practice operations, to the business community, to government and to the media.

We encourage our members to connect with each other, in both formal and informal ways. Members will be able to post their organization’s details in our forthcoming directory and list any of their available jobs on our job board without charge.


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