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Selling wine Direct to Consumers (DtC) is actually quite simple. It’s just hard work. That’s why most wineries end up selling to wholesalers or split half the profit with distributors. And why is it that wine with questionable qualities, like Apothic Red and Yellow Tale, sell so well, yet local Canadian wineries, with far superior quality, struggle?

That’s because big companies have the means to have a marketing team working for them, which small, well-intended wineries don’t have.  This is why Vin & Wine has created WINE A BEE ™️, a team of experts solely dedicated to a “we-do-it-all” service for wineries to market their wine DtC, under their own brand.

Vin & Wine is behind the most successful wine workshops in Canada. So far, we have educated 11,000 followers on how to appreciate local wines. To convince an avid drinker to give up a technological wine, to break their habit, and replace it with a bottle of local wine, takes skill and knowledge.

Education is where it starts. Wineries need to inform the wine consumers of the benefit of their wines and why they should give up mass-produced wines.  Imagine for a moment that local wineries could sell out DtC, and make a decent profit. We would all be benefiting.

2021 marked the 40th anniversary for Dany Gagnon, in the wine industry. When he was 14 years old, he took part in his first wine tasting and a few years later, travelled around the world to learn how to craft wine with passion and conviction; that truly represents a terroir. Having returned to Canada, 30 years later, it’s now his turn, with passion and conviction, to craft the most effective solutions to sell local wines DtC.


Website: https://www.wine-a-bee.com


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