Creating your Shopify SwiftERM Plugin - SwiftERM

Shopify has become a powerful platform for ecommerce. Please register and then you can install the plugin by following these simple steps.

You can use this website to generate a link:

The website URL can be added into the Shopify domain box, the domain needs to include

It must not include the end forward /

SwiftERM Installation Page

This will generate an install link when you click the button:,write_themes,read_products,read_customers,read_orders,read_all_orders,read_script_tags,write_script_tags,read_checkouts&redirect_uri=

This is the install link. 


The steps are now as simple as this: 
We need you to install the application to the live store – note no emails will be sent until the installation has completed & been confirmed by SwiftERM.  

Please perform all the following steps as below:
This will present a normal installation screen for you to accept the install with the permissions for the app we require:

Figure 1 – Example install

Swift Install Image 1

Once installed the application will require you to complete the app administration settings:

Figure 2 – example Administration settings


SwiftERM  Install Image 2
  1. Please enter your SwiftERM API Key
  2. Email platform – Please leave this as “None”.
  3. Click save – the swift API key will then be verified

This will complete the installation, the application will then have set up the necessary, scripts & webhooks.

The required data (past orders & products) will be sent to our platform, this will occur overnight.


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