Email Staff

This calculator accounts for all the hidden costs that can easily be overlooked and reveals the true cost of an employee.

SwiftERM is a totally automatic email remarketing system, the only one in the world that is! If you’re serious about a like for like comparison between this any any other email system begin by including your staff costs to the necessary turnover required for our competitors products to even begin to be viable as our equivalent is zero. That is a massive saving, even before you take into account absenteeism, errors and omissions and even malicious intent, none of which concern our users. Below is an example based on a single person on £25k per annum, taxes and rates many vary between countries, it also illustrates what we have omitted to be seen to be fair and open.

Working Hours / Hourly Rate
Hours worked per week37.50
Equivalent hourly rate£12.82
Annual CostsCost £Running total £
Wages / Salary & NIC’s
Annual Wages / Salary including overtime / bonuses 25,000 25,000
Class 1 NICs 3,430 28,430
Optional benefits £ £
Company car – 28,430
Gym – 28,430
Health care – 28,430
Life assurance – 28,430
Pension – 28,430
Bonus – 28,430
Subtotal for NICs calculation –
Class 1A NICs (P11D) – 28,430
Employee specific costs £ £
Software licences 1,500 29,930
Training 500 30,430
Computer & IT support 500 30,930
Apportionment of business costs £ £
Share of general overheads (rent, rates, building maintenance,
water, heat & light, telephone, insurance, etc)
 500 31,430
Consumables (stationery, toner, tea/coffee, toilet paper, etc) 100 31,530
Administrative overheads (HR, payroll, secretarial, appraisals, etc) 1,000 32,530
Other financial costs and potential liabilities £ £
Maternity/paternity leave – 32,530
Unfair dismissal claims – 32,530
Redundancy – 32,530
Jury service – 32,530
Sick leave holiday pay – 32,530
Actual productive working daysDaysRunning total
Weekdays in a year261261
Holidays (2010 minimum is 28 days)28233
Formal training5228
Sick days7



Wasted/unproductive time (allow 10 mins per working hour)38273
The true cost of employee £ £
Actual cost per hour£23.66
Actual Cost per day (total costs/working days)£177.49
Actual cost per year£46,146.61
Multiple of salary paid:1.85times salary
NI Rates 2012 – 2013
Employer’s NI threshold   (£ per week) 144.00
Class 1 NICs:13.80%