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Coronavirus random act helps retailers. Following political announcements by world leaders we are all aware of the immense pressure on business, retailers, indeed most of us during this Covid-19 crisis. SwiftERM does not wish to capitalize at anyone else’s expense and think it morally repulsive to do so. It is with genuine thought and care therefore, that we would like to extend an offer to any ecommerce retailer using Shopify, Magento, Woo or Opencart platforms, totally free use of SwiftERM for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic.

What we do is pick up all the lost opportunities that marketing emails miss. Concentrating on predicting imminent purchases signals. In light of the immense hardship of these necessary dark times, we would like to offer this plugin to you, for free for at least 4 months. Longer should the crisis continue. We will not charge anyone, and we will be careful to let everyone know before it comes to an end and restoration of normal service resumes, so you have opportunity to cancel the account beforehand, if you wish. 

Coronavirus – a random act of kindness to help retailers

SwiftERM is a 100% automated email facility, using a unique algorithm together with predictive analytics, that identifies imminent consumer purchases. It works alongside promotional email software like Mailchimp, Emarsys, Bronto etc. It watches what each consumer clicks on, and their impressions during navigation around your site. Specifically, those which culminate in their making a purchase. Emails are then prepared personal to the recipient, containing products unique to that consumer. No staff are needing in the process. It doesn’t matter if everyone in the office is working from home, SwiftERM is still running.

The plugin is simple to install, and once working all the income you receive will help sustain your business, with our compliments. This is a genuine free offer of help, we won’t take anything whatsoever from you. In addition we are also Trustpilot partners, and should you subscribe to their product review facility, their scores will automatically be included in these emails for you.

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Please refer any questions to us via the contact page, as we would be delighted to help in any way we can.

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