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According to the results of the Online Personal Experience study, nearly three-fourths (74%) of online consumers get frustrated with retailers when emailed (e.g., email offers, product selection, brands, etc), that has nothing to do with their interests. While not surprising, it appears their frustration may be an ominous sign for online retailers. As an example, the poll revealed that 67 per cent of online adults would lose their patience and opt-out if shown content products they dislike the most. This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive among 2,091 U.S. adults ages 18 and older.

These results align perfectly with additional market research indicating that consumers have reached the tipping point when it comes to being sent email content that isn’t relevant to them,” said David Swift, the CEO here at SwiftERM. “It’s a wake-up call for brands to fix this problem or risk losing customers and prospects”.

No More Irrelevant Information or I’m Leaving Your Mailing List!

Previous research commissioned by SwiftERM shows that almost every online consumer has received information emailed them that has nothing to do with their personal interests or demographics. * This new study further demonstrates that online consumers are overwhelmed and running out of patience:

  • 74 per cent get frustrated with retailers when emails appear that have nothing to do with their interests
  • 67 per cent would opt-out if presented perpetually with a product that they dislike
  • 57 per cent would opt out if they were married and shown ads for a dating service
  • 50 per cent would leave the site if shown a recommendation to purchase products for the opposite gender

Consumers avoid Irrelevant Email Content: I’ll Do Almost Anything to Receive Information That Interests Me!

When online consumers are asked what they would be willing to give up to receive appropriate content based on their personal interests, the responses revealed a huge opportunity for online marketers to personalise email experiences for consumers.

Percentage of consumers who would be willing to give up:

  • 28 per cent- Social networks for a week
  • 25 per cent- Chocolate for a month
  • 21 per cent- Mobile or smartphone for a day
  • 17 per cent- Having to use only a landline phone for a week
  • 13 per cent- Sex for a month

Can I Trust Businesses With My Personal Information?

The survey results show that consumers are still somewhat wary of providing personal information to online businesses without knowing more about how it will help to improve their website experience:

  • 57 per cent are OK with providing personal information on a website as long as it’s for their benefit and being used in responsible ways
  • 77 per cent would trust businesses more if they explained how they’re using personal information to improve their online experience

Consumers have been pretty consistent and clear in their feedback. “The way to avoid alienating them is to give them what they want—personalised, relevant email content using their data in a responsible and transparent way.”

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