Case studies showing return on investment - SwiftERM

The below statistics are taken from a variety of client’s control panel. It may not be readily appreciated, without comparisons to hand, just how powerful this solution is. When you compare it like for like with any other marketing facilities these are truly astounding figures! This is an average ROI of over 1500%. This is a 100% automatic process, so there are zero overheads.

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Case Study 1 – Rebellious Fashions

Rebellious - SwiftERM
Case studies showing return on investment - Rebellious Fashions - SwiftERM Month to View
Case studies showing return on investment

Statistics showing return on investment: The above two screen grabs are taken from the client’s own control panel, at Rebellious Fashions:

The first is one month to view – a 30 day period to view, clearly illustrating an addition of 6.97% additional turnover for the month.

The second image is a year to view, which shows a perpetual growth. Adding an additional 5.51% turnover for this multi-million pound t/o client. The sales increase exponentially as the predictive-analytics algorithm learns about each consumer more accurately from their perpetual site visits. The vagaries of each personality reflecting in a more refined product selection for that consumer.

Month cost £1700, attributed sales £48,365 @ 60% GP £29,019 – £1700 = £27,319 ROI 1507%


Black Line – Volume of emails sent
Orange Line – Value of Sales
Yellow Line – Click Through Rate



Case Study 2 – Maharishi Healthfoods

Maharishi - SwiftERM
Maharishi - SwiftERM
Case studies showing return on investment - Maharishi - SwiftERM

The above are taken from the control panel of Maharishi Health Foods,  month and year to view. Adding 15.48% additional turnover in one month and over 14.78% so far this year. All this for just £100 per month cost.

Annual cost £1200, attributed sales £40,011 @ 50% GP £20,005 – £1200 = £18,805 ROI 1567%

 Within the facility is the option to turn-off SwiftERM while the retailer can conduct independent marketing campaigns. This option was exercised during March. Having identified the significant drop-off of in sales it was quickly restored in April, and remained on ever since as it has continued to grow exponentially. 

A reference is available to see here.

Case studies showing return on investment

Case Study 3 – Fin & Fur Petfoods 


Fin & Fur Month to view
Fin and Fur - SwiftERM
Fin & Fur 12 Months to View 2020

Pet food retailer Fin & Fur, runs on an Opencart platform, illustrated are their significant returns thanks to SwiftERM. Their proposition is a simple one, a spend £100 pm, to achieve additional turnover in excess of £3445 in a month. The scaling works similarly for all companies.

An additional benefit delivering on a negligible suppressions rate is that the pet owners use their monthly SwiftERM email to remind them to repeat order for the month. The perpetual frequency of these emails increases loyalty and prevents churn.


Monthly cost £100, attributed sales £3,445 @ 50% GP = £1722 – £100 = £1,622 ROI 1507%


Client Reference here Trustpilot. 


 Case Study 4 – Eves & Gray Footwear

Eves & Gray Stats Month the View Dec 2020
Eves and Gray Month to View Dec 2020
Eves & Gray 12 Months to View 2020

Statistics showing the return on investment, this time for Eves and Gray, a prestigeous online footwear retailer, running on Woo Commerce. They has been with us for several years now, with 9,000+ people on their database. The stats illustrate a perpetual profitable return.  

The monthly  cost is £100 per month, and runs in addition to their campaign running on Mailchimp. with an amazing 11.27% CTR! 

Monthly cost £100, attributed sales £1,904 @ 50% GP = £952 – £100 = £852 ROI 852%  

 Client reference here.



Case Study 5 – AET Motorsport

AET Motorsport - SwiftERM
AET 12 Months to view

AET Motorsport is a relatively new client to us, an automotive performance parts retailer, running on Shopify.

With 12,389 consumers on their database, the annual stats illustrate a steady growth as the consumers begin to appreciate receipt of their regular emails. The suppressions rate is staggeringly low, less than 0,003% pa.

Monthly cost £100, attributed sales £12,283 @ 50% GP = £6141 – £100 = £6041 ROI 6041%  


Case Study 6 – Fisherman’s Friend Fishing Tackle


Fisherman's Friend - SwiftERM
Fishermans Friend - SwiftERM
Fishermans Friend - SwiftERM

Tony Troth MD of Fisherman’s Friend: has seen an enormous leap in his business since adding SwiftERM to his site. He has enjoyed a phenomenal increase in customer loyalty, and has been able to service email requirements for immediate impact in the process, enjoying the fully automatic aspect of SwiftERM to the max.

Typical monthly sales are between 19-22% additional turnover on top of that achieved by using Mailchimp alone.
Client reference here.


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