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Can’t afford the time to send emails. You’ve set your website up, you’re desperately fighting with supply chains, drop-ship arguments, customer returns etc. And you are bombarded with must do’s from all sides to improve. Profit is often conspicuous by it’s absence. Never at any point do all the smiling faces wanting to offer you their services, or products, give you respite from the perpetual bombardment and chance to take a breath. Like vultures on the fence, all waiting for your hard-earned pennies to fall into their lap.

For example put “I can’t afford the time to send emails” into Google. You get back a myriad of platitudes about there being no time like the present, or you can’t afford not to send emails. In other words zero solution to your dilemma. Some aggravating person will point out to you that email marketing has the highest rate of return in anything you do marketing wise. But ain’t that just dandy! Now, as well as not having the time, or indeed often money too, but you’re now burdened with knowing that every single day that goes by is a lost opportunity. Like kicking a man when he’s down. Thanks!

So what is the answer? It doesn’t take someone starting out long to discover the basics, the necessary marketing elements to run a successful company, and programs like Mailchimp still dominate but there are many to choose from. Newbies often work alone, back bedroom, garden shed, small industrial until, old shop. The idea of any marketing is superb, but then so does being able to afford product in to sell. Load the website up, spend all day sorting returns, eat, sleep repeat. Email marketing, and there are many solutions, is a lovely idea, who’s gonna do it, when and how?

OK staff would be great, but you can’t afford any. There is always that kid down the road who did a GCSE in English and must be good on a computer, given how long they spend on it, might come in handy once. A lackadaisical attitude to spelling, and treating grammar as an anathama makes that option one never to be repeated.

That still doesn’t solve the problem though, you still don’t have either the time or money to run an email campaign. So what do you do? What’s the professional solution?

Can't afford the time to send emails

Automation. Sorry if it’s sound’s a blazé answer, but true. There are a phenomenal amount of solutions available that will help with part of the issue, but there is also one that does it all. SwiftERM is a solution usually associated with bigger ecommerce retailers. But it is 100% automatic, which means no staff or any of your time is needed whatsoever, and should be a shoe in.

SwiftERM is a predictive personalisation solution that means it identifies what each of your customer is most likely to buy next using their previous buying history and the impressions they make, every time they visit your site. This is each individual’s perpetually changing selection. Like a set of fingerprints at a crime scene, but this time the culprit is to be found by your consumer, with their credit card, at your checkout. Like the foundation of a building you can go on to be creative with your marketing and promotional email campaigns when you can afford them, but no matter what ever else you do, or how many people you employ to do it, this solution will perpetually add value, running in the background.

Most marketers are familiar with segmenting their audience, to offer the right products to the right people at the right time. Seeming like a luxury to our down-trodden hero, battling for his or her existence. But segmenting is not personalisation and consequently the ROI is minuscule in comparison, as all the stats will testify. So consider then both automation, now affordable as zero time is required, but also that it delivers the highest ROI in marketing immediately too. Getting interesting?

So what else can we treat you too in addition. How about having it for free? Not just on a month’s trial, but it stays free until it makes you a minimum of 4x the potential cost. Our most commonly heard expression when the penny of this drops is “no brainer”. Take a typical fashion site, you’ll be making considerable GP. Here’s a link to illustrate the typical profit margin for retail clothing.

The bigger retailers use SwiftERM as a stalwart to their marketing efforts, because no matter what promotion you are running, or seasonality of your products, which it is all too easy to get consumed by, the one perpetual in all this are your consumers. What they want and when they want it is as individual as it is possible to be. No two are ever the same, and therefore neither are SwiftERM emails.

So does it deliver?

Below are the stats for long time clients Fin & Fur Pet-foods. The coloured lines on the graph are: black being the number of emails offering predictive personalised product selections, for each consumer, sent during the month. In this example that is 4639.

The yellow line CTR 8.17%, and most importantly the orange line – sales exclusively attributed to SwiftERM, representing a huge additional 19.64% turnover (July 2021), at a cost of just £100 per month!

This is a small hard working family company, being delivered an enormous boost that requires zero effort. This is what anyone not using SwiftERM are missing out on. There are many pseudo systems out there, purporting to do the same, but it remains peerless when properly scrutinised.

Can’t afford the time to send emails
Can’t afford the time to send emails

There is another additional benefit, for Trustpilot subscribers, or those considering it. Once you see the returns from instigating your emailing you might wish to consider using a review program, and SwiftERM integrate with Trustpilot to offer what ever product scores are attributed. These appear next to the product selection in the emails sent to your consumers. This is a permanently free addition, often doubling the return of investment you make to Trustpilot.

There are are further reassurances offered by SwiftERM being partnered by both Microsoft and Adobe. This is highlighted by the Shopify platform solution using Microsoft’s Azure technology, and the Magento platform solution using Adobe.

So in summary if you  thought you can’t afford the time to send emails, now you can. If you haven’t got a budget to send emails, you don’t need one. We should just add that we partner some of the world’s best email solutions. They see no threat from us, because we don’t purport to do what they do. SwiftERM compliments email marketing and promotion solutions. Our job is distinct. We find the products with the highest buying propensity for each individual consumer you have, and offer them at exactly the right time. That it serves to help out in many other ways is a bonus.

Sadly the resolution to their problem is unlikely to be seem by our hero as they are too busy! It might be an idea to point it out to them if you come across them…


We hope you enjoyed this article, intended to help improve our client’s profitability. It reflects the care SwiftERM offer, if you need help please ask, we can often help for free. If you haven’t already done so, then please enjoy a FREE month’s trial of our predictive personalisation software on your site, to see how powerful it is. Here

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