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Get your automatic personalised email software free here. Only here, nowhere else, and we mean nowhere. Obviously the natural first reaction of anyone who runs an online store will be “I’ve never heard of it”. Their second “nah can’t be done”, and third “it must be rubbish”. Humans egh? What a breed we are, sceptics, cynics and pessimists all, this is what being let down too many times has bred into us all.

So let’s break this down, first “automatic”. As it says on the tin, automatic. Not a collection of things you have to do first like “set this bit up”, “click here”, “save that bit there”, “add a choice of those”, “set a time” and it will be automatic – 2 days later! Yawn. No, none of that. We mean software that watches what each one of your consumers buy, what they look at – impressions, what they come back to – how often, how long for, what materials they prefer, what size they take, colourways, what their current style preference is – today as opposed to yesterday etc.

Collecting all the UTM data from your site, noting it and using it to perfect the ranking of all your SKUs in order of greatest buying propensity to each individual person who has graced your database with an “I wish to receive emails” affirmation. That’s a perpetually updating algorithm, with every nuance possible adding to the collective. And it works while you’re running around like a blue-arsed fly, dealing with a million and one problems of your own, without having to pull your hair out to find time for emails!

Next “personal”. If you show your consumers products calculated as their next purchase, (personal to the individual receiving it) instead of what you hope to sell them (because you have lots of that product), which do you think they are most likely to buy? The answer kindly provided by a variety of sources ranges from Deloitte 6 – 8x, Statista 8 – 10x McKinsey 20x +.

So tell us again why you haven’t installed it already? Usually answer, “I’ve got something that does that already”. Wrong, there is nothing out there that does this. Sure there are trigger based systems, and segmenting software (yawn) but a segment is not personal, it lumps you in with a load of other people who perhaps have as little as one thing in common. If we told you “you’re the same as that lot over there”. your first reaction would be “No, I’m not”, and go on to explain what makes you (and more importantly your choices as a consumer) different from “that lot”. Then don’t do it to your consumers either!

Automatic personalised email software free

Above are the results from one client enjoying using this system. As a business owner reviewing this your greatest importance should be viability. The graph illustrates a turnover achieved of £218,324 in fashion. This client runs on an average 60% margin – allowing for sales promotions and ancillary offers. Emphasising that no human being whatsoever was involved in this 8 month period (clearly illustrating the importance of Christmas) means that a GP of £130,994 was delivered. The black line illustrates the volume of emails sent, orange attributable sales. The number of customers changed over the time, but the total cost for SwiftERM over the period was £10,200, delivering a net of £120,794, an ROI of a whopping 1160%.

We could show you significantly higher returns than this, with some clients enjoying as much as 25% of their turnover now entirely from the system, and others with over 6000% ROI. But in fairness for conservative comparisons, each of these has exceptional distinctions, such as solus distribution rights to specific brands or another with long established and loyal customers. So we have picked safe middle ground to show you.

If you own a business, the pressures on you daily are enormous, so what would be better than either permanently or even just temporarily for a few months, off-loading one headache? A 100% automatic, plug-and-go software that not only sends each consumer their personal product selection a couple of times a month, reaping the dividends illustrated, but more importantly reducing the burden on your shoulders, while actually making you more money?

So how are you going to be caught out if you try this? First we give the whole system on trial to you free for a month to boost your efforts. We run alongside (not instead of) multiple ESP software for emails and partner many (i.e. Klaviyo, Emarsys) as they appreciate we each serve different purposes. There is no greater distinction than what it can do for your company instead of someone elses’. Next we never lock you into a contract.

You never need to give us notice to leave, and can come and go as you please, so confident are we that you will enjoy the results and never want to go. We have also taken notice of start-ups with very few customers and not many products, and give them the system for free for as long as it takes to achieve a minimum of 4x the potential cost. And we will install the system for free for you too, avoiding unnecessary developer charges, and joining their queue of work you already have them waiting to do for you.

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