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The essential guide to using automatic email software. SwiftERM, is automatic email software for ecommerce that runs in addition to existing email software. It is unique in many ways. For those used to people trying to indoctrinate them about software, it may come as a shock to suddenly appreciate the enormous distinction available.  This article is for ecommerce practitioners.

SwiftERM adds an average 10.5% additional turnover from your existing consumers, (verification here) by watching everything they buy, when and what provoked them to make that purchase. It then uses this data to rank every SKU you have, in order of greatest potential propensity to be purchased. Then it takes the very top ones, bundles them in a slick-looking stylesheet, and sends it, just once or twice a month.  This is an additional email facility for you to use with any and all other email tools. It contains strictly that consumer’s choices and their preferences. Having achieved the highest possible rate of return, detailed in the link above, allows the system to avoid being influenced, and therefore made less effective by human inference. The consumer is saved from promotional pressures of yet another stick to be beaten with. As reciprocity for that, you are receive immense, untapped reserves of loyalty and sales. Such accuracy of targeting is often interpreted by the consumer as personal care and attention to them, complementing your other campaigns.

It is obvious to say that if SwiftERM is not installed on your site, it cannot bring you any additional income. As it is a totally automatic facility, the entire GP from each product is yours, with just our fee to be deducted, no additional staff costs whatsoever. The returns rate drops through the floor, as it only offer products that consumer has already shown interest in, and because it is always on point, with the products selected to be shown, you perpetuate their loyalty to you, displayed as both continuity of purchase, and steady but perpetual increased purchasing too.


1. Verification

We start with verification. We offer full use of SwiftERM for free. from that point on you don’t need to hear anything other than see for yourself if you want to discover the truth. After all, it is not costing you a bean. This  trial will establish credibility as a solution and a better appreciation of the distinction it offers compared to other very capable but otherwise additional or supportive software to this, available out there. We would illustrate that email software companies appreciate this necessary addition as they partner with us, including such distinguished facilities as Emarsys and Klaviyo, both listed on our partner page. Getting something for nothing is commonly mistaken as a denigration of its value. But something new needs to be seen to be appreciated, and we didn’t want to put up any barriers to that. Confident in it’s ability to deliver.

After the trial we offer either a tiered-scale of prices, or the option to pay 10% of the just the additional attributed sales it achieves. Once viability is established, you will see exactly how carefully these rates have been considered, as they offer excellent value. TIt is a very easy choice to trial the software, as it will either deliver and you can enjoy the fruits of its efforts, or it won’t. What is often not appreciates is the subtleties which distinguish it, and which, when appreciated, conjure both surprise and joy as it is experienced. So how do you begin the process to see for yourself?



The cautious retailer will be all too aware of the pitfalls of introducing new software to a website and may have already had some nightmare scenarios to live down. We have not experienced any of those for any of our installations to date, and don’t want to start now. The simple registration process takes just a couple of minutes and takes you through all the standard questions, to ensure the security of the system is complete and tailored to you. Included is card capture so that identification, money laundering and security processes have been completed, both of the registrant, and the site on which it is to be used – no monies are involved.

The conclusion of the registration is choice of the platform. Those currently available are all variations of: Shopify, Magento, Woo-Commerce and Opencart. Each of these providers vehemently protects their users in a myriad of ways, not least by vetting and indeed testing all plugins with their platform for its operational integrity. Our registration will take you to the appropriate place on that provider’s website where, having past all those tests, it awaits your pleasure to download and install.


3. Installation

Registration with SwiftERM generates a unique passcode for your installation. If you have multiple sites, you will need to complete multiple registrations. The backend of your site will, during the installation process, ask you for this number to confirm integration as proof of registration with us, and it is via this number the site will be “pinged” to verify all is well. The verification begins the assimilation of all data to the allotted repository, allocated to your site at SwiftERM. The data always belongs to you, we share no proprietorial interest in it, it may be downloaded and indeed deleted by you at all times.

It has multi-layered security such as perpetual encryption to ensure GDPR compliance. Captured next are all your SKUs, product titles, product descriptions, price, size-ways, colour-ways etc. large images are also downloaded. Next comes customer-data. Again this is to the repository for your data – kept carefully and secure, in a vault-like environment, an extension of your own remote hosted facility, apropos cloud-based. Finally all the buying history is downloaded for each consumer you have.

Then, once the system is switched on, subsequent purchases, and more importantly impressions, are also captured, against which the system uses its predictive analytics algorithm to calculate next most likely imminent purchases for each individual consumer. You can see why segmenting is irrelevant to us, and importantly something we abhor.


4. Going-live

Once all the data from the site has populated the system, and checks are done, before you go-live, you will be able to see a sample email. No platform currently captures impressions, so the first 12 months usually see a massive improvement is personalisation, as the system learns the personality and perpetually changing tastes of each individual, and idiosyncratic product purchases, that set them apart in personality for everyone else.

There is sometimes a difficulty within marketing to comprehend that these emails are not the retailers to manipulate. They belong to the consumer and are not obliged to fulfil a utopian need to comply with campaign message and identity. These emails offer products that have been predicted as being imminent consumer purchases, consumer-centric, perpetually static in design – for good reason. The whole background to why is available for scrutiny here. A mistake would be the change them, even slightly, which would defeat the purpose.


5. Operation

The system operational start is dictated by the client rather than being automatic. We like to have one final check to make sure everything is perfect before going live. Once the switch is thrown, it then begins sending emails to your database, spread over the first 7 days. It is learning who opens them, who clicks-through and who buys. From then on their actions dictate their own selection  perpetually from then on. Factors such as your other campaigns are integral to the process, and effect initial results.

The first month is offered as an entirely free trial with our compliments, giving you opportunity to enjoy the free income revenue it achieves, as well as appreciate the viability of SwiftERM first-hand – no persuasion necessary. It either works or it doesn’t. We also allow perpetual free use of the system until it achieves 4 x the turnover, to help small and new companies get going without incurring any cost. This is simply a gesture of goodwill from us, but it also offers even the biggest high-street names, reassurance of our confidence in this solution is not without merit.

6. Monitoring

The system offers live statistics via a comprehensive control panel, (see below) offering ease of reference for the retailer. As this system is 100% automatic, there is no additional cost for staff, often sold as “user seats”, in order to access the system and see what is happening. Monitoring and operating the system is done for you, and the management overview easy to understand without need for training.

The control panel offers a variety of resources. Including immediate visualisation of the volume of emails sent against corresponding calendar dates, CTR rates, and attributed sales. All clearly defined and distinct for clarity. The default view is set for one month to view, with options to change it to 7 days or 12 months at a click. Further functionality includes the ability to trigger abandon basket recapture which is highly lucrative, upload CSV files of products you wish to omit from the email’s product selection, and being able to adjust (upload/download) suppressions (unsubscribers) and subscribers in either direction, so we remain fully GDPR compliant throughout.

Automatic email essential guide

As well as management support from SwiftERM throughout the duration of the trial, 7 days before the end of the trial the system will automatically notify you that the trial is coming to an end, offering an opportunity check the viability enjoyed first-hand. 100% automation means you don’t need any training, you don’t need to buy user “seats”, it does everything, and we mean everything without anyone needing to raise a finger. No human can adopt as fast as this, as last night’s purchases and selections are replaced if the email is going out today. It is always on the money. The average increase in turnover from using the system for the last 5 years has been 10.5%, with typical variations ranging from 5% – 20% dependant on the vertical market and seasonality involved.

7. Perpetuity 

Once you have seen for yourself that the statistics are correct and you enjoy the additional revenue on offer from existing consumers, we hope you will stay with us and use the system thereafter. We appreciate the concept of a second email software running on your system might appear incongruous, but when it is appreciated that personalised product interest of each individual consumer has an equal right to be addressed as much as promotional and incentive inducements emails, then the case is won. As mentioned, the massive advantage this system has is that it doesn’t need any staff to operate, whatsoever. Neither do you incur training costs, down-time, holiday pay etc.

Supporting evidence that the suppressions rate for these emails is half those of promotional ones is available, and that the returns rates of products from us are negligible compared to those typically experienced in the industry, making this unbelievably viable.  



The most common expression we hear when pitching SwiftERM for the first time is “no brainer”. Offering a £2 million investment in predictive analytics software, free for a month, to prove it works, without you needing to be tied into a contract. Further it stays free until it makes 4x the cost. There is one further treat we offer; SwiftERM is the only company authorised by Trustpilot to send product reviews in outbound emails. This facility automatically switched on if you have it, and is included for free from us. We hope SwiftERM will becoming a staple ingredient for your ecommerce development.


We hope you enjoyed this article, intended to help improve our client’s profitability. It reflects the care SwiftERM offer. If you haven’t already done so, then please enjoy a FREE month’s trial and let us know what you think. Register, call us on 0207 998 3901, book a call with us or Zoom ID 964 515 7464 


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