If you’re a humble down-trodden retailer why not search for an easier way; who says that in order to succeed you have to flog yourself to death?

There are plenty of reports corroborating that servicing existing clients is 6 times more cost effective than acquiring new ones. The most effective way of doing this is through email marketing, and the best of all is email remarketing – using the data you already know about your existing customers. Experian did a report in 2014 verifying that we, SwiftERM intelligent email re-marketing software, deliver a 6-fold increase in transaction rate and 51% increase in click-through rate. It has to be the single easiest facility to use there is, as the retailer literally does absolutely nothing! Go lay on that beach!

What then distinguishes it from everything else out there? Nothing. No, not lack of any distinction, the ‘nothing’ you have to do when it’s installed. No one wants you to know the likely annihilation of an industry built up on the need for segmentation, reach, frequency and monetary value; slicing and dicing. Drilling down to achieve the perfect product for target groups, will soon all be gone. SwiftERM leaves nothing for the retailer to do, it does it all fully automatically. No input required. As if answering the call “If I could find someone else that knows my customers as well as me I would use it” said Julian Leaver MD at Fatface, and hey presto here it is.

SwiftERM turns it on it’s head. While all the software techies and boffins where still at school Swift were working with and watching the effects of atrophy on retailers. The common denominator was the database. “When you’ve already captured your customers only a fool ignores them”, said Clare Shaw, Marketing Manager at Liberty. “To have thirteen million people on a database and do nothing with it is what I call strategic constipation” Lord Wolfson.

Compared to SwiftERM other email solutions miss the point. The solution starts and ends with the consumer! Not a group, or a segment, or a pattern but an individual. It watches what he or she buys, browses, repeatedly returns to and how they are influenced. Their loyalties, affinities, taste and style. Like a best-friend sitting down next to you and studying perpetually what it is that makes you unique. It especially watches when customers buy.

It takes all this information, creates a polished email of the products in order of the greatest propensity to buy, and delivers it at exactly the perfect time. Whats even better is that it’s intelligent, it learns. What you wanted last night can change in the blink of an eye and this morning’s purchase can be wholly different. Nano-second live-time learning is working behind the scene. No wonder it obliterates the competition.

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