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Our pricing is tier based, dictated by the number of people on your database. Check how many people you have, then read across to see the monthly cost. You get the whole system on a free trial for a month whether you’re already a household name or just starting out. It is a totally automatic system that runs alongside existing email marketing software, so you don’t have additional staff costs.  If by the end of the trial it hasn’t made you 4x the cost, then we promise to let you keep using it for free until it does. With permission, we publish results for a variety of verticals here.


The monthly fee is dictated by the size of your customer database* 


    0 – 20k<- Consumers on database £100 per month (GBP) $128 per month (USD) €116 per month (Euros)
 20k – 30kConsumers on database £200 $256 €232
 30k – 40kConsumers on database £300 $384 €348
 40k – 50kConsumers on database £400 $512 €464
 50k – 60kConsumers on database £500 $640 €580
 60k – 70kConsumers on database £600 $768 €696
 70k – 80kConsumers on database £700 $896 €812
 80k – 90kConsumers on database £800 $1024 €928
 100k – 110k<- Consumers on database £1,000 $1,152 €1,044
 1m – 1.01mConsumers on database £10,000 $11,520 €10,400
 2m – 2.01mConsumers on database £20,000 $23,040 €20,880

*Exchange rates are calculated at the time of transaction and may vary according to the rate applicable at that time.

Consumer behaviour captured – Empowering your data


The average visitor makes 100 impressions per visit to most ecommerce websites, all recorded, stored and fed into your data to develop and reflect the ever changing buying patterns and interests of your consumer, to perfect the content of their email accurately. Multiply that by your database and you can appreciate how detailed it is. We store this data for you to enable ever more accurate product choices.

An impression is simply the number of times your page, banner, button, or text link, has been (or will be) exposed to a potential viewer. In simple terms, this is the number of times that image appeared on any computer screen anywhere in the world. 

A click-through is the actual number of times someone has taken their cursor, placed it on an item and used their mouse to click on that image either to follow a link or purchase a product etc. When our algorithm is calculating the selection of products for each consumer, knowing what they have looked at, and how often perpetually builds an ever greater detailed understanding of that individual.


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Ian Inglis MD, Monkey Print Tyne and Wear

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