Automatic email software that supports your existing provider
Identifying each consumer's next most likely purchase

Automatically capture each sale by sending precise details

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Using each consumer's buying history and impressions

Predicting imminent and future purchases for each individual

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The world's only fully automated system for ecommerce

The sophisticated analytics system for discerning retailers

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The 'agent provocateur' of ecommerce sales

Intuitive to consumer needs, interests, passions and demands

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A machine learning algorithm defines the product choice

Eliminates the need to segment audiences or products

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Perfect for selling multiple products direct to the consumer

Consumers are discerning, loyal and unrestrained when appreciated

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The easiest sale in the world is driven by desire

Offering products that reflect care for customers as individuals

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Stylish and contemporary for luxury brands

Enjoyed by ecommerce retailers worldwide

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Sophisticated marketing using data intelligence

Accuracy in analytics delivers the highest returns

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The fresh solution for frequently purchased consumables

Identifying cyclical patterns within consumer data

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Phenomenal response for vertical interest markets

Greatest response occurs where repetition is most influenced

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Check viability with a FREE month’s trial – from £100 per month

An additional email facility, predicting imminent consumer purchases – offering personal product selection.

This is the next level of email marketing software, it runs in addition to your existing provider, to be used as well as not instead of. It is totally automatic, developed exclusively for ecommerce retail, for those whose customers buy from them perpetually. Ideal for Grocers, Fashion, Vintners, Books, Health, Beauty, Saddlery, Chandlery, Bikes, Sport and many more. Starting from as little as £100 per month.

A predictive analytics algorithm identifies imminent consumer purchases. It uses each individual’s buying history and impressions to identify which products have the greatest buying propensity for each individual. With zero human contact it creates a unique email and sends. It captures additional revenues from existing consumers. Each consumer is different and these are ever-changing opportunities, sales which would otherwise be lost. It maintains accurate perpetual appreciation of each individual, in any hour of any day. The zero staff requirement means the GP is enormous. We publish statistics to prove just how powerful it is here.


SwiftERM offers an additional revenue stream from existing consumers. It works 24/7 and nurtures consumer loyalty, it minimises return rates, increases basket value, offers greater open-rates and CTR, and reduces suppressions. It is consumer-centric, focused just on what they will buy in addition but for being asked. We offer a free month’s trial so you are never out of pocket, therefore it doesn’t have any budget constraints. We work closely with analytics partners for greater clarity of its effectiveness if required.


SwiftERM predictive analytics for ecommerce
Automatic email marketing software

A totally automatic facility with predictive analytics –  to help you better utilise your data

The system is offered to all ecommerce retailers entirely FREE until you know it works. 

We offer all retailers full use of the system for 30-days for free, so you can establish the viability of the solution actually on your website. Results come in very quickly, and we would expect to see profits within just a few days. The trial only begins when the system is fully installed and populated, so you get the greatest opportunity for maximum return. We are offering an additional facility for ecommerce retailers, using information from existing consumers to generate additional revenue income because we predict imminent consumer purchases.

Before we release a version for any platform, it has to pass due diligence tests by that provider, to ensure perfect compatibility. This is so important to us in most cases we have become technical partners. Should you wish, our support staff can install the plugin for you, also a service we provide for free. Alternatively we are also happy to offer our support to your own developers, assisting as necessary. Should you wish to satisfy any concerns, just let us know.

Additional email software – supplements existing

We remain exclusively customer centric, focused on what they want to buy, rather than what you want to sell them. it runs in addition to promotional campaigns, to capture more.

This is an additional service to your existing email marketing software. Whichever marketing software you use we complement it. We don’t compete against it. SwiftERM predicts imminent consumer purchases, so to do that we concentrate solely on the data that indicates each consumer’s unique buying choices. No segmenting, or interest in what someone else bought.

SwiftERM delivers data-accuracy and a perpetually focus on each individual’s product selection. In so doing, we add to your branding and marketing campaigns with the ability to ensure maximum capitalisation of each consumer’s identified potential, without need of additional staff or resources.  We focus only on what has already been identified that person wants. Our predictive analytics software presents exactly the right products, at precisely the right time, delivering additional profit. If you are not including SwiftERM in your overall strategy you are missing out on a very significant revenue stream.

Free month's trial
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SwiftERM is simple to install

This is click and go automatic software. Once the plugin is install you don’t ever touch it again.

During registration choose your platform from the dropdown list provided. Once complete you will be taken to that provider’s website to download directly from them. It takes just a few minutes. Our system then populates, and at a time agreed with you we will turn it on. Your free trial starts only once all the data has populated the system and the installation is verified as perfect.

Uniquely, if you subscribe to Trustpilot, then you might be pleased to know that we integrate with them; exclusively authorised to displayed product ratings in all outbound emails. We enhancing your return and add value to your Trustpilot investment. No additional charge is made for this facility, it is simply a courtesy for all SwiftERM users who subscribe to product reviews.

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Why our customers love SwiftERM

It’s absolutely wonderful the algorithm is driving decisions, thank you!

James Wayland Rebellious Fashions Manchester, England