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SwiftERM – predictive personalisation software for ecommerce marketing

An additional revenue source for ecommerce

Imagine knowing in advance what each of your consumers will buy next. This is predictive personalisation software for ecommerce marketing. SwiftERM, is a SaaS plugin (api), you download to your platform, which does just that, delivering as much as x20 the return of conventional software. Using a predictive analytics algorithm it calculates which products are most likely to be bought next by each individual consumer, perpetually updating throughout their lifetime. Perfect for start-ups needing something to carry the early load right up to the big corporates, to satiate shareholder demands for ever greater revenue share.

Analysing impressions and buying history, it ranks all your SKUs in order of greatest buying propensity for each consumer. However, unlike software that simply tailors a landing page, which needs your consumer to come to you instead of a competitor, SwiftERM – running in addition to your ESP, sends emails offering each individual’s own personal product selection. It creates new revenues and builds loyalty. It doesn’t matter what else you are running, it still adds significantly to your returns. All ecommerce sites should be running this as well. It is guaranteed to deliver additional return.

What does it achieve?

This is a powerful big data technology application. It delivers an average ROI of over 1500%, with some clients enjoying as much as 25% additional turnover since installation directly attributable. 
(Verifiable stats from existing users). 

The graph to the right illustrates how much the returns are from all the various marketing solutions. Predictive personalisation is the highest achieving Martech solution, putting SwiftERM, with zero segmenting, at the top. This can only mean either replacing an existing solution with SwiftERM, or adding it to your stack!

This is a must have addition for all sites where your consumers return frequently, complementing existing email software.  After all consider, who will win the business you’re not securing if you don’t. No SwiftERM, no use of the SwiftERM algorithm, no SwiftERM benefit delivered.

This is a 100% automatic solution, it doesn’t involve any human involvement whatsoever, so the GP is huge! Click and go.

You are invited to establish viability risk free with a month FREE trial.



Product personalisation software for ecommerce
SwiftERM – predictive personalisation software for ecommerce marketing

The immediate benefits:

i.     A viable and sustainable increase in income.
ii.    A new additional revenue stream.
iii.   Maximising your customer’s lifetime value.
iv.   An increase in your average order value.
v.    A dramatic fall in
 your rate of returns.
vi.   A huge increase in click through rate.
vii.  A massive reduction in customer churn.
viii. A huge drop in suppressions (unsubscribers).
ix.   Start and stay in profit perpetually.
x.    Zero human involvement – zero staff costs.
xi.   PPS is
 the highest ROI in marketing technology.
xii.  Free trail available


We offer all retailers a FREE TRIAL FOR 30-DAYS, to establish the viability of the solution on your site. There is no lock-in contract periods. Click register now to see for yourself.


We offer free installation if required.


*CLV Customer Lifetime Value / RoR Rate of Returns /  AOV Average Order Value / CTR Click Through Rate / ROI Return on Investment / PPS predictive personalisation software




With zero segmenting involved whatsoever – all product selections are unique to each consumer


SwiftERM delivers data-accuracy and a perpetually focus on each individual consumer’s personal product selections at that specific moment in time. A perpetual customer lifetime of choices, data analytics with zero human input. It uses the images and description from the site, so is universal.

We complement all existing marketing software, especially ESPs, many of whom we partner. SwiftERM has a premier Martech listing.


After a FREE trial SwiftERM starts from as little as £100 per month*. (see Full Price List)







SwiftERM – predictive personalisation software for ecommerce marketing
predictive personalisation software for ecommerce marketing


There’s more – Free extra for all Trustpilot Users

If you subscribe to Trustpilot, then you may be surprised to know that SwiftERM provides a unique additional facility for you, not otherwise available.

We include your Trustpilot product ratings, appropriate to each individual’s product selection, alongside it in each email created, multiplying the effectiveness of your investment with Trustpilot, helping you achieve more return from both solutions.

The Trustpilot facility is a permanently free, additional service, and only available from SwiftERM. It will deliver a significant return to your site. It will immediately justify its inclusion in your marketing mix, and prevent you losing business that you would have otherwise enjoyed. 


Product personalisation software for ecommerce
Personalised product selection software – for email marketing

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