Identifying each consumer's next most likely purchase

Automatically capture each sale by sending precise details

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Using each consumer's buying history and impressions

Predicting imminent and future purchases for each individual

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The world's only fully automated system for ecommerce

The sophisticated analytics system for discerning retailers

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The 'agent provocateur' of ecommerce sales

Intuitive to consumer needs, interests, passions and demands

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A machine learning algorithm defines the product choice

Eliminates the need to segment audiences or products

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Perfect for selling multiple products direct to the consumer

Consumers are discerning, loyal and unrestrained when appreciated

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The easiest sale in the world is driven by desire

Offering products that reflect care for customers as individuals

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Stylish and contemporary for luxury brands

Enjoyed by ecommerce retailers worldwide

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Sophisticated marketing using data intelligence

Accuracy in analytics delivers the highest returns

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The fresh solution for frequently purchased consumables

Identifying cyclical patterns within consumer data

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Phenomenal response for vertical interest markets

Greatest response occurs where repetition is most influenced

Swift ERM_2017 logo
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NEWS FLASH: Shopify & Shopify+ – NEWS FLASH – API Release imminent!

Totally automated email marketing – personal product selection for each individual consumer

Uses predictive analytics to discover personal taste and maximise the opportunity

SwiftERM addresses the distinction between promoted products and ones identified by data analysis as those that each individual will buy imminently. It uses a sophisticated predictive analytics algorithm. There is no segmenting of products or audience. It uses each person’s buying history and live impressions, to identify the products receiving that individual’s highest level of interest. Then, automatically – so there is zero staff involvement, it emails that person details of those items, at precisely the right moment.  This is an additional revenue stream from existing consumers. It works 24/7 and nurtures consumer loyalty. It compliments your existing email marketing software. It is also ideal for the retailer who want something that runs as a stand alone and doesn’t need any attention.

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Proposition – Free Viability Trial

We guarantee to ensure you profit from the trial to deliver a win win scenario.

Importantly we offer all retailers full use of the system for 30-days for free, so you can establish the viability of the solution for yourself. The trial only begins when the system is fully installed and populated. Competitors in your market vary, and we want you to be delighted your edge is perpetuated by using us. Due diligence is carried out by all the platforms and integrated partners such as Trustpilot, to ensure perfect operation. Our support services work hand in hand with most client’s developers to assist with any installation issues that might arise. We are happy to do the installation for you should you prefer.

Additional to – not instead of

Using the knowledge of their next purchase to enhance your marketing strategy

This is an additional service to marketing software. We compliment, not compete against them. We concentrate on the data that indicates each consumer’s own unique future purchase. No segmenting, or interest in what someone else bought. We deliver data-accuracy and perpetually focus on product selection. In so doing the retailer can compliment branding, and campaign theme with the ability to ensure maximum capitalisation of each consumer’s potential. Our predictive analytics software presents exactly the right products, at precisely the right time. This is additional profit.

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Quick and easy to install

With admin access our highly trained technicians can install it within a few minutes. 

It involves simply adding us to your platform. During registration, choose your platform provider from the dropdown list provided, once registration is complete you will be taken to your provider’s site for the authorised and approved download. We send you a secure password separately. Then upload your company logo, to personalize the signature panel in your stylesheet. And that’s it, there is nothing else to do and takes just a few minutes. Your free trial starts when all the data has populated the system and installation verified.

Uniquely, if you subscribe to Trustpilot, then you will be delighted to know that we integrate with them; enabling us to displayed the rating for each product next to it in the emails. Enhancing the return and adding value to your investment with them. The scores come directly from their server and we feature them automatically. No additional fee is required for this facility.

Why our customers love SwiftERM

This is an unbelievably great addition to our marketing, delivering 416% ROI.

Nicola Rodney-Crook Get Bras San Diego, California, USA