Email personalisation software for ecommerce - SwiftERM
Products selected for each consumer personally

Email product personalisation software - in parallel to your ESP

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Appreciation and respect for individuality

Email product personalisation software - in parallel to your ESP

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Nurturing lifetime customer value

Email product personalisation software - in parallel to your ESP

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The perpetually running ancillary revenue stream

Email product personalisation software - in parallel to your ESP

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The fresh solution for frequently purchased consumables

Email product personalisation software - in parallel to your ESP

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A machine learning algorithm defines individual choice

Email product personalisation software - in parallel to your ESP

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Using data intelligence for sophisticated returns

Email product personalisation software - in parallel to your ESP

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Phenomenal response for vertical interest markets

Email product personalisation software - in parallel to your ESP

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SwiftERM – the email solution that personalises product selection

Email personalisation software for ecommerce runs in parallel to all existing ESPs – personal product selection for each and every consumer

Advanced analytics monetizing the lifetime customer value and AOV of each of your consumers

SwiftERM predicts and captures additional consumer purchases for ecommerce retailers. It watches each shopper’s buying habits and impressions, and calculates what he or she is most likely to buy next. Then it sends that individual details of those products automatically, to provoke the purchase. The plugin is approved by each platform.

This is email personalisation software for ecommerce, an additional revenue stream, using a sophisticated predictive analytics algorithm. It is developed exclusively for ecommerce retailers, especially those whose consumers repeat buy regularly,

Consider the frequency of each individual consumer’s purchases from you. We encourage them to come back more frequently, and perhaps make just one or two extra purchases each per month, plus increase their spend more and more as they do, commonly 10-15% AOV each time.

Starting from as little as – £100 per month ($135), delivering an average ROI over 1500%*

The purpose is to capture as much additional revenue as possible from your existing consumers. Each one is unique, and so are their ever-changing moods, consequently so are the opportunities. Sales which are otherwise lost due to slow reaction or another retailers faster one. SwiftERM maintains a perpetually accurate appreciation of each one of your consumers. The gross profit, as a consequence, is staggering. We publish CASE-STUDIES* to prove just how powerful it is.


email solution that personalises product selection
the email solution that personalizes product selection

10 immediate benefits – a new – additional revenue stream, maximised CLV, increased AOV, reduced RoR, higher CTR, greater open-rate, drastically lower suppressions, free trial, 100% automatic, maximum ROI*

The system is offered to all ecommerce retailers entirely FREE until we prove it works. 

We offer all retailers full use of the system for 30-days for free, so you can establish the viability of the solution for yourself, on your website. Results come in very quickly, and we usually see profits within a few days.

The trial only begins when the system is fully installed and populated, so you get the greatest opportunity for maximum return. We are offering this additional facility for you to use untapped information from your existing consumers to generate additional revenue.

SwiftERM email personalisation software for ecommerce, works 24/7 and has additional benefits. It nurtures consumer loyalty, minimizes return rates, increases basket value, offers greater open-rates and CTR, and reduces suppressions. It is consumer-centric, focused just on what they will buy in addition to their usual purchases but for the opportunity.

To prove it works we offer a free month’s trial, no lock-in, simply walk away if it doesn’t work – but it will. The immediate profits ensure you are never out of pocket, therefore you don’t need a budget upfront. To further guarantee accuracy we work closely with analytics partners for greater clarity of its effectiveness if required.

*CLV Customer Lifetime Value / RoR Rate of Returns /  AOV Average Order Value / ROI / CTR

Predictive analytics for email marketing – the “must have” solution for all ecommerce websites

The SwiftERM algorithm is works in addition to your ESP, supplementing existing campaigns

This is an additional service to your existing email marketing software. Whichever marketing software you use we complement it. We don’t compete against it. SwiftERM predicts imminent consumer purchases, so to do that we concentrate solely on the data that indicates each consumer’s unique buying choices. 

No segmenting – no interest in what someone else bought, exclusively unique to each individual

SwiftERM delivers data-accuracy and a perpetually focus on each individual’s product selection. In so doing, we add to your branding and marketing campaigns with the ability to ensure maximum capitalization of each consumer’s identified potential, without need of additional staff, cash or resources.  

We focus only on what has already been identified that person wants. Our predictive analytics software presents exactly the right products, at precisely the right time, delivering additional profit. If you are not including SwiftERM in your overall strategy you are missing out on a very significant additional revenue stream.

Email personalization software
Email personalization software

SwiftERM – the 100% automatic plugin that delivers phenomenal results

This is click and go automatic software. Once the plugin is install you don’t ever touch it again.

During registration to begin your free trial you can choose your platform from the dropdown list. Once complete, you will be taken to that provider’s website to download the appropriate platform plugin directly from them. We had to pass their scrutiny first. It takes just a few minutes. Our system then populates and, at a time agreed with you, we will turn it on. Your free trial starts only once all the data has populated the system and the installation is verified as perfect. You are never locked into a notice period.

Freebie for Trustpilot Users additional extra 

If you subscribe to Trustpilot, then you will be delighted to know that using SwiftERM provides a unique additional opportunity, as we integrate directly with them. This enables you to enjoy the additional feature of Trustpilot product ratings to be included alongside each consumer’s ever changing product selections.

We are exclusively authorised to displayed product ratings in all outbound emails. This provides additional value to your investment with Trustpilot, and helps secure you even higher returns. No additional charge is made for this facility, it is simply a courtesy provided by SwiftERM.

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