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SwiftERM – pioneering predictive personalisation software for ecommerce marketing

Imagine knowing in advance what each of your consumers will buy next. And if you did, how would you monetise it? This is predictive personalisation, and SwiftERM is a SaaS plugin/api for ecommerce marketing, which you download and install on your platform, to do just that. It calculates which products are most likely to be bought next by each consumer, perpetually updating throughout their lifetime.

Analysing impressions and buying history, it ranks every SKU in order of greatest buying propensity, for each individual consumer. However, unlike software that changes a landing page, for which you have to wait for your consumer to come to you, as opposed to your competitor, SwiftERM – running alongside your ESP, regularly sends each one an email offering that individual’s own unique personal product selection, creating new and additional sales revenue.

What’s in it for you?

The “average” ROI is a phenomenal 1500%, and with clients typically enjoying between 6.5 -19.8% additional turnover.(Verifiable stats from existing users).

This is a must have addition for all frequency-rich ecommerce sites, regardless of size, complementing all your existing Martech solutions. What’s more it’s 100% automatic, so it doesn’t need any staff whatsoever, to run or be trained on it, so the margin is huge. Come and see for yourself – take a one-month FREE trial.




Product personalisation software for ecommerce
email solution that personalises product selection

Immediate Benefits.
i.     A viable and sustainable increase in income.
ii.    A new additional revenue stream.
iii.   Maximising the CLV.
iv.   An increase in AOV.
v.    A dramatic fall in
 RoR – product returns.
vi.   A huge increase in CTR.
vii.  A massive reduction in customer churn.
viii.  A huge drop in suppressions (unsubscribers).
ix.   Compatibility with all other software.
x.    Zero human involvement – zero staff costs.
xi.   PPS is
 the highest ROI in marketing technology.
xii.  F
ree trial.


We offer all retailers a FREE TRIAL FOR 30-DAYS, to establish the viability of the solution on your site. There is no lock-in contract periods.

The trial begins when the system is fully installed and populated, to offer the maximum return.


We offer free installation if required.


*CLV Customer Lifetime Value / RoR Rate of Returns /  AOV Average Order Value / CTR Click Through Rate / ROI Return on Investment 












There is no segmenting involved whatsoever – all product selections are exclusive & unique to each consumer


SwiftERM delivers data-accuracy and a perpetually focus on each individual consumer’s personal product selections at that specific moment in time. A perpetual customer lifetime of choices, data analytics with zero human input.

We complement all existing marketing software, especially ESPs, many of whom we partner. SwiftERM has a premier Martech listing.


After a FREE trial SwiftERM starts from as little as £100 per month*. (see Full Price List)









SwiftERM – predictive personalisation software for ecommerce marketing
predictive personalisation software for ecommerce marketing


Freebie for all Trustpilot Users

If you subscribe to Trustpilot, then you will be delighted to know that using SwiftERM offers a unique additional facility for you, not available any where else, as part of our partnership integration.

We include Trustpilot product ratings, appropriate to each individual’s product selection, alongside it in each email created, multiplying the effectiveness of your investment with Trustpilot.


This facility is a permanently free, additional service.

Product personalisation software for ecommerce
Personalised product selection software – for email marketing

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