SwiftERM the personalisation SaaS - SwiftERM

Automatically selects, populates and sends emails with products
personal to 
each consumer, that they are predicted to buy next.
20x greater return. Can be used alone or to complement your ESP




SwiftERM – 100% automatic – no staff required! Starting from just £100 per month  FREE TRIAL                    

Auto-personalised email marketing

Imagine knowing in advance exactly what each of your consumers are most likely to buy next, and be able to present those products to them at exactly the right time. How much more would you make in comparison to you choosing what to offer? This is predictive personalisation and, according to both McKinsey and Statista*, it is the most lucrative of all income streams in ecommerce today.

Proprietary technology SwiftERM is a personalisation SaaS, that delivers as much as “20x the return of segmenting, triggered and omnichannel software combined”*. Using a predictive analytics algorithm on all the data captured on your site, it calculates which products are most likely to be bought next by each individual consumer, and presents them at exactly the right time.  

Analysing impressions and buying history, it ranks all your SKUs in order of the greatest buying propensity for each individual consumer. However, unlike software that tailors a landing page, in the hope your consumer comes to you (instead of a competitor), SwiftERM sends each consumer their own unique product selection. We are often run alongside ESPs, to maximise personalisation effect. But work equally well as a stand-alone if preferred.

This is a must have addition for all sites where consumers return frequently – Fashion, Grocery, Wine, Beauty, Pet-food, Cycling etc. 


FREE Trial


SwiftERM – the personalisation SaaS for ecommerce marketing

Immediate Benefits:

A new / additional revenue stream.
A viable and sustainable increase in income.
An increase in your average order value (AOV).
Dramatic fall in your
 goods rate of return (RoR).
Huge increase in click through rate (CTR).
Maximising customer lifetime value (CLV)
Massive reduction in customer churn.
Huge drop in suppressions – unsubscribers.
Perpetual & immediate additional profit.
Zero human involvement – zero staff overheads.
Adoption of
 the highest ROI in marketing technology.
Free trial for a month to establish viability – n
o lock in.


We offer all retailers a FREE TRIAL FOR 30-DAYS, to establish the viability of the solution on your site. There is no lock-in contract periods. Click register now to enjoy the future of marketing.

We offer free installation if required


CLV Customer Lifetime Value / RoR Rate of Returns /  AOV Average Order Value / CTR Click Through Rate / ROI Return on Investment / PPS predictive personalisation software




Selecting the right systems for you – 
your site is as unique as your customers

We appreciate to be worthy of your consideration we need to take the time to address all your concerns. We work closely with all our ecommerce retail clients to make sure compatibility with your site and customers is achieved. Assured increments in revenue require care.

SwiftERM is a Microsoft Partner solution. Once viability is proven our subscription starts from as little as £100 per month*. (see Full Price List). We cater for all sizes of business from Start-ups through to Enterprise retailers.


Installation: is a simple SaaS plugin: 
The system installs as a SaaS directly via your platform.
i.  Register via the link on this website. This generates your key-code.
ii. You will be directed to your nominated platform to enable you to download the app to the backend, where you enter this code.
iii. Our site will then ping your site to verify the installation.
iv. When successful we will then setup the DNS for your email security.
v.  When populated and verified we will begin your FREE trial.

No training is required as the system needs zero human involvement – it is totally automatic.

SwiftERM the personalisation SaaS

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