The perpetual rush toward greater sophistication and choice of solutions for retailers, speeds us towards omni-channel provision as the way forward. Core to our ethos, SwiftERM works alongside some of the best and brightest digital companies. Become a partner, and enjoy ever better integration of services. Talk to us today for details.

Effective remarketing

With 100% automated, fully personalised emails, SwiftERM will build your clients’ business.

Partner Benefits

We do not impose fees for becoming our partner, the goal is to drive ever better client benefits.


Our team is here to help if you need any support as one of our partners.

Help your clients grow their ecommerce business today

Primary Motivation – Our Client’s Success

Our benchmark is always retail success.

SwiftERM is perpetually developed to ensure the maximum possible return for the retailer. Email marketing has long since been established as delivering highest marketing returns, personalisation higher still. We aim to deliver the highest possible.

100% automated

No segmenting data, no potential for human error. Release precious time resources.

SwiftERM being fully automatic ensures the retailer releases precious time. No staff, no missed opportunities, no errors.

Community and Enterprise Retailers

SwiftERM ideal regardless of the size of business.

Big or small, volume scaleability is built-in for Community and load balancing for Enterprise retailers. Recommend us with confidence.

Exhibitions and Events

We work with our partners to help our clients succeed.

We support our partners, attending exhibitions and organising events with you, for greater clarity of us as a resource adding significant weight to your portfolio.

Become a Partner – a rewarding decision

We offer partners rewards and incentives.

We work with you for your clients, we also devise a strategy for your team that offers exactly the right balance of motivation, rewards and incentives. There is no fee to become a SwiftERM partner!

Training Workshops

It matters to us that we support our partners, every step of the way.

We work with our partners, delivering workshops around the world, both for your clients and your staff, explaining, reassuring and supporting you.

Prompt us – for new platforms

We are one team working together.

The cost to development of our system, and ever greater degree of sophistications being added perpetually do not over shadow the requirement for the system for platforms for which your clients have a demand. Tell us what they need.

Technical integration – management

Trust us with your client’s integration.

Even the biggest retailers sometimes need help. Simply adding us to the account access for the period of integration has been a common occurrence and a responsibility we willingly accept. Let us take the worry about getting you started.

Developing your business

We’ll help you grow your business too.

We work with our partners for the benefit of our clients. Introducing them to you, to improve their business is key.

Technical Support – for partners too

There to ensure smooth installation and continued success.

Our technical support staff are here to help partners too, whatever the platform, whatever version, and however personalised. They can address any concern, technicality or intricacy early.

Why our customers love SwiftERM

It was suggested I try this software, and it has to be the best thing I have found in 20 years! Does all the work for you, outperforms all the email software I’ve ever tried, and costs a fraction of the price. This is a win win solution!

Charles McChrystal – Director – McChrystal’s Snuff

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