Below are recent statistics from an existing client. You can use it to forecast the potential of SwiftERM for your ecommerce business. We deliver additional revenue from your existing consumers without any additional overhead.
Predictive analytics for ecommerce

Free 30 day trial – viability established

Actual statistics –¬†actual retailer


The two screen grabs above are taken from the control panel for the same retailer:
i. Month to view, taken for a 30 day period.
ii. Year to view, illustrating the launch (free trial period).
The subsequent monthly increments are the predictive analytics and machine learning identifing more and more accurately the nuances and subtleties that reflect each individual consumer’s taste and potential purchases ever more accurately.

These stats are of a fashion retailer with a margin of 60%+. Over the period the consumers received over 1.77m emails. (Statistics not shown are total unsubscribes of 6.55%, inc previous unsubscribe list). You might be interested to know that an average of just 15 people unsubscribe each day, while the database grows by an average of 650 per day.

It is also important to note that we achieved in delivering additional revenue, the retailer for this period achieved significant turnover. SwiftERM accounting for 6.7%, and this as a supplement to existing marketing and promotional campaigns.

Statistics for users are constantly available in the retailer’s control panel and updated overnight.


Why our customers love SwiftERM

I would recommend the SwiftERM system to anybody that runs an ecommerce website.

John Reynish, General Manager, Bedroom Athletics

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