While the majority of retailers believe that email is a critical investment for their business, many have yet to achieve their desired result of using this communications channel, according to recent surveys from Retail TouchPoints and Magnetic of 200 consumers and 100 retailers. When asked about email marketing objectives, 65% of retailers aimed to increase email rates — such as opens, click-through rates, and conversions — yet only 51% were able to successfully complete their objective. To ease this burden we devised the world’s only totally automated email marketing system, keeping the exact products that each individual consumer is interested at that exact time, visible and accessible.

Plenty of References

With so many satisfied customers, come and see what everyone is saying about us before you try.

Incomparable Return

Our average up-lift for online sales across all retail sectors for 2016 was 10.26%

Highest Level Security

An encrypted format, SSL hosted environment, ensures the highest level of security is maintained.

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Customer Centric building relationships

The automated email system that calculates which products your consumers are most likely to buy next.

SwiftERM is different to email service providers. ESPs send bulk-emails to people en-mass. Each of them profess to have perfected the degree of analysis and segmenting for you. But the bottom line is they still group people together. This allows opportunity for error and inaccuracy. We don’t do that. We treat each consumer as an individual. We devize emails with the highest accuracy of product content, populate a stylesheet and send, one email at a time via the retailers own email server. Each one is unique to the recipient. We deliver that nirvana of customer-relations excellense – that each are personal and private. Years of work marketing for retailers, big and small, taught us that no two consumers are ever alike. Add into that mix, people’s taste and demands change perpetually.

As a consummate retailer you can purchase products that secure good margin, and you know your customer’s core demands. You buy products for them which are highly profitable. It is the degree of that skill that empowers you in today’s retail environment. We help take that core ability forward, using every nuance and subtlety from key position indicators on your website for each visitor. We watch what they hesitate on, keep coming back to, have affinity with, mix and match, adopt a style, grow loyalty towards, including brand, price-point and incentive etc. We perpetually calculate how to maximize the product selection for each individual, so when they receive an email from you, it contains all the items they most want to see, and are most likely to buy. In addition remarketing involves abandons, so when they put something in your shopping cart and don’t purchase we trigger an email to recapture over 60% of these lost sales.

Effective marketing verified!

Perpetually working, our system is totally automatic and works while you sleep.

Each email we send has been devised to maximize each individual consumer’s propensity to make a purchase based on all the impressions you receive from their personal browsing, purchasing and abandon history. Your platform collects all this data; our system maximises the use from it. We email one at a time, ensuring each is perfect for that individual – no two are ever the same, with exactly the right product selection, that our machine learning algorithm has identified. This means SwiftERM delivers a 6-fold increase in transaction rate – the number of times your consumers make a purchase each year, and a 51% increase in click through rate (CTR) compared to ESPs, verified by Experian plc.

Low cost – unbelievably good value

Reach everyone on your database for less than 0.5 a month per customer.

SwiftERM costs £100 / $131 / €115 per month up to the first 20,000 people on your database, that’s less than 0.5 per customer per month to send an unlimited number of personalized emails. Our price table here, illustrates our staggeringly low price structure based on increments of 10,000 customers. No matter how your database grows, we always round down for greatest value, and so you enjoy the greatest possible return. This highly professional software is a fraction of the cost of typical email systems, and yet more than double the effectiveness*. If a free trial and low costs still hasn’t convinced you, when you know it works and are happy to stay with us, you can save a further 10% by switching from monthly to annual renewal.

halfpenny per month



Our claims are backed up by a recent Experian study.

In 2014 an Experian study assessed how effective SwiftERM is at re-engaging and converting customers who’ve abandoned a purchase. They found that our intelligent software increases transaction rates by 6-fold and CTRs by 51%. That’s great news for us and more sales for you.

Why our customers love SwiftERM

Since we signed up with SwiftERM in 2015 we have seen an ROI of 800%. It’s a no-brainer.”

Ben Greenwood, Marketing Manager, American Soda UK and American Soda Germany

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