What does SwiftERM do?

SwiftERM is a fully automated email remarketing system that sends out regular personalised emails to each subscribed consumer of a website, to nurture a relationship. We cannot send emails to people who have not had their email address previously captured. It is primarily for use on websites selling consumable products with a bias toward repeat order, i.e. fashion, food & drink, health, hobbies and interests – cycling, fishing, skiing, travel, books etc. Ideal for sites with more than 500 SKUs and 5000+ users. It is intelligent software perpetually watching for opportunities which have the greatest buying propensity, such as if a purchase is abandoned. Using data based on each individual’s personal behaviour, SwiftERM pulls products and content from your website and sends them their unique email via your mail server, so it comes from you.

Does SwiftERM work with all shopping cart platforms?

We are integrating with platforms on an “on-demand” basis. So far Magento is available here https://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/swifterm-plugin.html and Opencart here http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension&filter_search=swifterm. Woo Commerce for WordPress is available here https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/swifterm/. It is our intention to have all the major platforms available by the end of 2017. Simply choose yours from the drop down list on registration and if it isn’t currently available, if there is sufficient demand, we could effect this within 4-10 days. New ones are already in production.

How much does SwiftERM cost?

We charge just 1/2p per month, per consumer. Up to 20,000 is just  £100 or $125 per month. To make it even more competitive we round down your number of customers to the nearest 10,000. So if you have 40,000 people on your database it will still only cost £300/month, the same as if you had 30,001 customers. The minimum charge is £100/month. Once the free trial is finished you have the option to pay annually – with a further 10% discount, or monthly. i.e. If you have 20,000 customers, and took the annual discount your price per month per consumer would be 0.0045p per consumer per month. There is no minimum term contract, so you can come and go without penalty at any time, unlike providers who lock you in!

How easy is it to install?

It could not be easier! SwiftERM is simply a plugin to your site. It is already written specifically in your site’s language. When you register with us, there is a link to the download site for your platform. On clicking that link your platform provider (Magento, Shopify, Opencart, WooCommerce etc), from whom we have had to get approval of our system, sends the code to your site. Your registration with us also triggers a security code needed for access being emailed from us. When you log in you will see us listed in the section marked ‘New SaaS’, awaiting final installation instructions, i.e. the necessary code from us. All the details are provided on registration. Further details are available here http://www.swifterm.com/how-to-install-a-plug-in-and-make-it-operational/. Should you be at all concerned then our technical support team is on hand to help. Some clients even prefer us to do it all, and provide a login to their platform, in which case we are happy to do it for you – for free!

Will my data be secure?

Client data is processed and stored on our secure servers in the UK, with standalone servers for Enterprise users, and Community users if specified, which only we have access to. We take security very seriously and employ a number of physical and digital encrypted security measures to make sure that your data is always safe and secure. All data strictly belongs to the client at all times, we have no rights to it, ever. The client may download their data at any time. Your data is held on our system in process strictly as a hosting facility. If at any time you wish, we can erase your data upon receipt of authenticated authorisation.

Will my email account be compromised?

We use your own site’s email configuration to ensure that emails are sent in exactly the same way as any of the other emails sent from your site. This means that emails are recognised as being from the source they are marketing, and means that the legitimacy of your emails is not inadvertently influenced by other site’s marketing campaigns. We do this to avoid your site inadvertently being blacklisted by others. SwiftERM uses your own site’s email settings, including the address the emails are sent from. Therefore, if you have correctly configured your SMTP settings to allow your site to send via a separate, authenticated server, the SwiftERM system will use those same settings to send emails to your customers. This negates the need to authorise the SwiftERM server with DNS SPF records. It is important to stress that each email is sent one at a time, therefore the inherent cause of being blacklisted, the mass mailing, does not apply.

What about updates and maintenance?

From time to time our software may need updating or we might need to carry out routine maintenance on our servers. We have put systems in place to ensure that these cause minimal or no downtime so that SwiftERM can continue collecting accurate data, and you experience a secure and reliable service. We perpetually make improvements and developments to ensure our system is at the forefront of technology in a competitive world. Improving the performance of our system for you, will always be what secures our future.

How does the software decide what to include in the emails?

SwiftERM’s software uses an algorithm to work out which products to include and where to feature them in each email to maximise engagement and conversions. The algorithm analyses how each of your customers interacts with your site taking a number of factors into account, including their browsing and purchasing history, product abandonment and regular orders. This is ‘intelligent software’ so it perpetually looks to improve it own performance. If the platform specifies ‘brands’ for example, consumer affinity to a particular brand constitutes part of the ranking. If the retailer runs a multiple-shop system, then provided the platform recognises the distinction, SwiftERM will operate strictly for the site to which it has been registered. Each site requires it’s own email address and has individual subscription.

How will I know if it’s working?

You can run a real-time report from the Statistics Panel at the touch of a button and analyse your stats for the last week, month or year. The report shows the number of emails sent, click-through rate, orders received and cash turnover so you can quickly see how SwiftERM is performing and work out your ROI. Data is collected in real-time and is accurate up to an hour before the report is sent to allow buyers to complete their purchases.

Is there a limit to how many emails I can send?

No. SwiftERM is fully automated and totally scaleable so there’s no limit to how many emails you can send if your database grows suddenly. We use load balancing for our Enterprise customers so that our system can deal with sudden increases in demand, creating a seamless continuity in service. The number of emails being despatched each month is dictated by both the system and consumer. On launch the system begins by dividing the total number of consumers on your database by 7 and an equal despatch of emails sent each day, to avoid a retailer being inundated. Then we have set an initial default setting of 14 days before the next can be sent, but which develops and changes for every individual dictated by their activity on the site and response to the emails. There is a control panel to offer the consumer a facility to opt-out, and comply with legalities, but also also to give the consumer control to dictate their own email volume and hopefully avoid leaving.

Who is behind SwiftERM?

The team behind SwiftERM has 30+ years of retail experience for companies such as Liberty, The White Company, Fatface, Toast, Snow & Rock, Quba and Next, working in mail order and ecommerce, both in the UK and USA. We saw first hand many things about consumer purchasing behaviour and their preferences. We were also direct mail and ecommerce consultants for the DTI for all that time too, we helped many struggling and new enterprises get off the ground and get going. Having experienced the problems of having to spend time and resources segmenting data and sending out emails manually first-hand, we appreciated the need for a fully automated, personalized email remarketing system. What’s more a common theme in all those years was both lack of resources, and often the physical cash to invest. The man-hours of over-worked often selfless, devoted and exhausted retailers was inherently short on the ground. SwiftERM is the only automatic email remarketing service in the world, it combines intelligent software and personalized emails and is achieving excellent results for retailers in a wide range of sectors, around the world.

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