The luxury of an automatic solution is that it requires no demo

The more discerning among you will appreciate that you can’t demonstrate an automated system. You can’t see computerised number-crunching. ESP – Email Service Providers, need to show you actions that explain laborious, costly tasks necessary to justify how you use it, but because ours does it for you – we don’t. No effort, no training, no learning, no mistakes! Being totally automatic means with this email solution you don’t waste valuable hours preparing segmented audiences, and products. With SwiftERM all the process is done for you, and what’s better – segmenting is to the lowest denominator, personalisation to each individual consumer. The beautiful design of the stylesheet itself is available to see on our Style page, and background behind it Here. Please take just 3 minutes watching the video below, to find out how SwiftERM will help your business grow.

This is the most important 3 minutes in your business life!

Personalized marketing meets intelligent software

Our emails use a layout that outperformed thousands of others during the testing process as their default. Every email is addressed to the buyer personally and the products featured in the stylesheet are selected according to their individual browsing and purchasing habits.

On-brand, consistent and 100% automated

The images and content are pulled through from your website so the buyer has a consistent experience, and as the email is sent on your server it’s a totally seamless process. This means for example if it’s Italian product content to native Italian subscribers of your website, then their emails are likewise in Italian, and correspondingly for German, French, Spanish sites, as dictated by your platform. We accommodate multiple languages from the same platform commonly. SwiftERM is 100% automated so once you’ve added the plugin to your website it will start collecting data for content accuracy of emails immediately.

To find out more about how SwiftERM can work for you watch the video above. We explain how sending bespoke emails to your customers at the right time with the right products will increase your transaction rate 6-fold.

Intelligent software that learns

SwiftRM uses a machine learning algorithm, that defines the highest likely buying propensity of each product you sell to each specific consumer at any given moment.  Every email has a tracking code so that the recipient’s browsing and buying information can be monitored. SwiftERM is intelligent software so it uses this information to learn more about a customer’s behaviour and applies it to future emails.

Some Case Studies – click on the images below

Why our customers love SwiftERM

“This is the most fantastic system for ecommerce I have ever seen, I would definitely recommend it to other businesses”

Tracey Suther, Active Mobility, Stratford-upon-Avon

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