If you want to send emails with Magento

If you want to send emails with Magento you need to configure it to use an SMTP server – that is, the outgoing server that takes care of delivering your messages. Remember anyway that if you set a normal SMTP server on Magento – like the ones associated to Gmail or...

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How to install your SwiftERM plugin

For Magento: Installation Instruction Step 1: Enter your Magento Connect Manager. Log in to your Admin Panel. ... Step 2: Paste Extension Key  - sent on registration. Now you are redirected into Magento Connect. ... Step 3: Extension Installation. Come back to your...

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SwiftERM Release for Magento 2 NOW Available!

We are delighted to announce the release via new Magento Marketplace, of SwiftERM on Magento 2, available from today! Here. SwiftERM is the world's only fully automated email marketing system, designed specifically for ecommerce. Using the system requires a simple...

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How to avoid spam filters

If you’re like most marketers, when it comes to your email marketing efforts you’re probably spending most of your time thinking about building your email list, designing great emails and writing amazing copy. This of course is at huge cost, both financially and in...

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Why our customers love SwiftERM

There aren’t many things in business that actually stop you in your tracks and make you think “Wow, that’s amazing!”. But SwiftERM has done just that for me. Our sales from emails has gone through the roof, as we can now convert over 40% of our abandons.

Tony Troth MD Fisherman’s Friend

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