Billions is about Wealth and influence, and where they collide with corruption in the Sky Atlantic drama set in New York. But it’s smart money, it makes intelligence led decisions, with no room for compassion and no tolerance for half-hearted pitches and lame ducks. So why then would Axe Capitol recommend SwiftERM.

SwiftERM also serve retailers on their wealth-building crusade, is likewise about pin-point accuracy of consumer data, being used to the absolute maximum effect, every-time. Predictive analytics, using binary calculations to most accurately utilise knowing not only what the consumer is going to buy next, but when. No mistakes, no outside influence, no potential for error. Slam dunk! Every product selected by an AI machine learning algorithm. It is powering past the ESP old-guard, this young-pup, this nemesis, a mere up-start. “Flicking the bird” as it goes by ancient monoliths that still try and herald themselves as the bastion of the cause, but they are long past their sell-by date! I mean come-on, in this day and age charging a fortune for the privilege of merely using their system – what arrogance? Sooner or later someone was going to point out the King had no clothes on, and offer to prove it in a single stoke, a coup-de-gras. It shouldn’t be a surprise, they must have known it was coming.

Move aside grandpa, this Johnny-come-lately is making waves, we want to make retailers their fortunes and we don’t have time to massage egos as we go. There is one goal and we are taking no prisoners, in delivering the maximum volume ROI by email from each consumer. Each and every retailer who is switched on needs to grasp this new dynamic force.

Compare their cost of being charged £20k+ a year for an email system for your enterprise system. That doesn’t even include training or support, so add that cost in too! But hang on, the competition’s isn’t totally automatic system either, but Swift is. So add in the £30k pa marketing staff – and that’s just one person (£60k by the time you’ve added in training, holidays, licences, overheads etc), so lets say a cool £250,000 turnover before you even breakeven, really? So let them get green with envy guys, because this little baby is the world’s only fully automated system. So good it has won awards, so powerful that it has been heralded by Experian for making 6x the return by personalising everything it does, and is consequently the only such system to be integrated with Trustpilot – the world’s No.1 rating site.

Wendy Rhoades    

Consider the cost of delay. Does ‘Bobby Axelrod’ hang-about for 6 months until his investment team have a slot free to instigate the free trial? Heads would roll. Swift offer everyone a free trial, plus an viability offer. Everyone gets it for free to try, and they can monitor their own results. Those with less than a few thousand customers so far, or low levels of products – two or three hundred SKUs, pay nothing until it makes 4 times the cost in attributed turnover, guaranteed. When Taylor Mason (the shaven headed investment head) takes over in a crisis, it is for her clinical and ruthless accuracy that investors expect which heralds the appointment. Swift offers the same to its customers, and that dear retailer is you. Your ecommerce business is loosing everyday SwiftERM is not working for you, even while you’re reading this!

So to quote our most often heard phrase when pitching a free trial, Bobby would likewise say “It’s a no-brainer”, and what’s better, Chuck Rhodes would have nothing to hang him for.

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