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Predictive Analytics – knowing your customer

Identifying what products they’ll buy and when.

SwiftERM is a predictive analytics application specifically for ecommerce. It nurtures further revenue from existing customers. It does this by using each consumer’s historic purchases and live impressions captured when that individual visits your site; from which it identifies what they are most likely to buy next. It then populates a style-sheet and sends them a unique email. It can also trigger on abandon. You no longer need to segment audiences or choose products, choices that are often slightly off target. What’s more, this unparalleled degree of accuracy works 24/7. It is totally automatic, that’s zero human input, zero hours of time and effort every month, and zero staff cost. It identifies loyalties, likes and interests. Calculating exactly the things that your customer wants to buy next, at precisely the right moment. The machine learning algorithm delivers the immediate benefit of this state of the art technology, comprehensively increasing sales.

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The extra – that makes the difference

Your customer expects you to know them personally, now you can.

What makes SwiftERM different is unique personalization. All the studies say the same thing, “there is no greater return than personalization”. Consider our sophisticated machine learning system, perfected to deliver the best returns on your site. What your customer wants this morning, could change by the afternoon. If you knew how and when things moved, and could use this information, you couldn’t help but profit. Compare us to your current campaigns, clever, perhaps beautiful, but how accurate to each consumer; what percentage have already bought it, or something like. What if, instead of being slightly off, you are always on the money?  This solution performs, and performs at the highest level. It needs absolutely no management – being totally automatic. No cost for administration, and maximum potential achieved. This is a distinction you need to see to believe, and we’d like you try it to see for yourself.

Additional to – not instead of

Using the knowledge of their next purchase to enhance your marketing strategy

Contrary to what you might expect, we are not suggesting you put aside your incumbent email provider. We know and appreciate that the quality of the graphics and your ability to convey a particular message, empowers your marketing. We compliment these promotional and marketing communication, not replace them. Indeed we work with many that you may consider our competitors. However there is undisputed evidence that personalisation delivers the highest possible returns, for which we are an ideal choice. We deliver data-accuracy and perpetually focus on product selection for each individual consumer. In so doing the retailer can compliment branding, and campaign theme with the ability to ensure maximum capitalisation of each individual consumer’s purchasing power. Our predictive analytics software presenting exactly the right products for each individual, at precisely the right time. We populate a beautiful stylesheet – in your house style, with that consumer’s preferences, and send automatically. This in addition to your promotional emails. This is were that extra percentage of profit is made to ensure success.

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Quick and easy to install (Trustpilot Integrated)

We’ve designed SwiftERM so that it’s as quick and easy as possible to set up.

It involves simply adding us to your platform. During registration, choose your platform provider from the dropdown list provided, once registration is complete you will be taken there to download it. We send you a password separately for security. Upload your company logo, to personalize the signature panel in all your emails. It’s as easy as that, as there is nothing else to do, and takes just a few minutes.

Uniquely, if you subscribe to Trustpilot, then you will be delighted to know that we are the only solution in the world that is integrated with them, enabling us to displayed your product ratings in outbound emails. The scores come directly from their server and we feature them automatically. No additional fee is required for this facility.

Why our customers love SwiftERM

This is an unbelievably great addition to our marketing, delivering 416% ROI.

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Fully – GDPR Compliant

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