Swift ERM
Increase Sales

The latest statistics for 2014-15 reveal that more than $300 billion in revenues were lost by US ecommerce sites last year, as 67% of all web visitors abandoned their online purchases. That figure is reflected across the UK and Europe. So what does that mean for you? Simply that on average, two thirds of all your customers will not complete their order. SwiftERM email re-marketing software as a service (SaaS) addresses this problem, by sending unique personal emails to each of your customers. Each is designed to achieve the maximum possible immediate effect.

We're not an ESP; each email is unique, sent out one at a time. Our algorithm calculates when each of the customers on your database is most likely to buy, it auto-selects products calculating the greatest buying propensity, from both their browsing and purchase history, from which it creates and sends their email. These also nurture a relationship with your consumers for you. Being a remarketing solution it also encourages the completion / recapture of abandoned baskets. SwiftERM is totally automatic, you don’t need to spend hours selecting product or segmenting audience groups, simply plug it in and walk away, it will get on with it for you. Please feel free to enjoy our 30-day free trial, which will verify it's viability. To work best, ideally you should have a minimum of 1000+ SKUs, we have full scaleability built-in for multi-nationals. There is no obligation to subscribe, which if you do, is less than 1p per month per consumer. This is state of the art technology, enjoyed by many satisfied retailers. Give your website this phenomenal advantage.

SwiftERM identifies each individual consumer's buying pattern, determines specific opportunities, and creates & sends them a perfect email of products ranked in order of greatest propensity for that individual to buy.