Swift ERM

The latest ecommerce stats for 2014-15* reveal that two thirds of your customers will abandon their basket. SwiftERM is an email re-marketing SaaS, which addresses this problem. It auto-sends unique emails regularly to each of your customers, especially when they abandon a purchase. Our algorithm calculates when each customer on your database is most likely to buy. It selects products from your database, calculating the highest buying propensity from each individual's browsing and purchase history. It then creates and sends each unique personal email one at a time, nurturing relationships for you. Scaleability is built-in for both Community and Enterprise retailers. It costs less than one penny per month per consumer. What distinguishes it from other systems is SwiftERM is 100% automatic, and as such stays focused on what the consumer is interested in. This is sacrosanct to us. It is controlled by the buying and browsing habits of each consumer, and that alone dictates the content of that individual's emails. It is intelligent software - it learns; the longer an individual shops with you the more intuitive your relationship. Commonly ESP's send your emails only if you have sliced and diced your target audience first. Then you have to select what products to offer. Some systems are more refined but still need a lot of input. Using SwiftERM your worries are over, it does it all for you. Saving on staff, work, missed opportunities and wasted effort from the slightest of error. Make this your default email remarketing system. Follow the link above to start your FREE 30-day trial today! Improve your customer's experience, make it personal.

SwiftERM identifies each individual consumer's buying pattern, determines specific opportunities, and creates & sends them a personalized email of products ranked in order of greatest propensity for that individual to buy.